The United Socialist States of the Valkyrie Republic

СоединенныеСоциалистические ШтатыВалькирияРеспублики

Soedinennye Sotsialisticheskie ShtatyValʹkiriya Respubliki

USSVR Flag Valkyrie Star
Flag Coat of arms

National Animal: The Grey Wolf

Motto: Мы, как один, победить всех, кто стоит перед нами!

My , kak odin , pobeditʹ vseh , kto stoit pered nami !

(English: We, As one, Conquer all who stand before us!)




The Anthem of the Valkyrie

Capital Valravn
Official language(s) Russian official throughout the country, Other Official Languages are Romanian, and Norwegian
Demonym Valkyrian
Government Socialist Dictatorship
- President Vladimir Kovalenko

Valkyrie Federation


Valkyrie Federation Commondwealth States

The United Socialist States of Valkyrie Republic



November 1st, 1953

October 27th, 1977

- Total 14,786,560 km2
9,197,942 sq mi
- Water (%) 17 (including swamps)
- 2026 census 192,455,987
- Density ??/km2
??/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2026 estimate
- Total

$648.71 Billion


Per capita


GDP (nominal) 2026 estimate
- Total

$1.233 trillion

- Per capita $12,866
Gini (2026) 7.5
HDI (2026) 0.015
Currency Roc (РПЦ)
Time zone (UTC +1 to +5)
Date formats
Drives on the Left
ISO 3166 Code VR
Internet TLD .vr, .vrg
Calling Code +7

The United Socialist States of the Valkyrie Republic (Also called the Valkyrie Republic, the USSVR,or the SSSR), is a Socialist Dictatorship,Comprimised by four provinces. The country is located in the most norther part of the Borean continent. It is situated between both the Byrrus Ocean, and the Eurous Ocean. It borders only Yuktovania, but is located very close to Yggdrasil, Lyvern, and Aquilo. It is unknown how long people have been settled in the region but is estimated that people only inhabbited the area since 1100s, due to the extreme weather and geography it would be quite uninhabbitable. As 2026, The Valkyrie Republic has a population in excess 192 million, making it the 11th most populated countries.

The Valkyrie Republic is a republic and is governed by a socialist dictatorship. The countries economy rises and falls regualary and relies heavily on the government owned Military Manufacturing companies to support its economy. The Valkyrie Republic's main exports are Firearms, Military Aircraft, Military Vehicles, and Munitions, which are all made in government owned factories. The Valkyrie Republic has major trading relationships with Palimohs, Lyvern, Aljikistan, Aganistan and Sadakistan.


Prior to 1953, The Valkyrie Federation and the Valhalla Military State owned much of the land in the region where the present day Valkyrie Repubic is located. On November 1st, 1953, after a millitary dissolve with in the Valhalla State, Valhalla was falling into ruins under the countries quickly declining economy. The Valkyrie Federation seeing, this quickly acted, working with the government to mend the damage caused by the wars which put Valhalla in financial ruins. The eventual outcome was the formation of the Valkyrie Federation Commonwealth States, which expaded their reign further between 1956-1964. In 1977, Kiril Rakovich was elected as the President of the country, and quickly worked to change the government into a Socialist Dictatorship. In his reign of power he started Caeruleus-Borean Cold War, on an attack on Lions City in the UPE on August 19th, 2010; Which left the city a complete wasteland when they detonated a experiment shock wave bomb, leveling the city completely and killing thousands. The Cold War raged on for nine years before the military and the citizens of the Valkyrie Republic turned on him and revolted against him on August 29th 2019. A temporary leader was put into office, after Kiril was exiled. During the month after the war the IUN was founded and bills were passed to have all countries part of the IUN, including the Valkyrie Republic. On June 2nd 2025, Vladimir Kovalenko, was handed power over the country, as he proved to be a worthy candidate of the position and promised to rebuild the countries once great reputation, repair all the damages done by the war, and have a more socialy focused government in the future.



The geograhphy of the Valkyrie Republic is greatly varied. The Valhalla Mountains divide the east and south and run directly down the center of the country and end near Sumerkah Morya, the biggest lake in the valkyrie republic, which is 2213m above sea level. The tallest mountain in the world is located in the Valhalla mountains: Mt. Asgard or simply just Asgard, stands at 9607m tall. There are grasslands, and fertile prarie in the southern most part of the country. Maily deciduous trees grow in the country, with forests made up of almost entirely pine or ceder trees. In the nothern most part of the country the land is full of tundra and wind scarred valleys. The western land of the country is inhabbited by most of the people living in the valkyrie republic, due to the fact its near sea level, and has a more moderate climate. The capital city of Valravn is located in the western part of the country and boasts a very expansive shipping facillities, making it the 4th largest port in the world. The eastern part is densly forested and scattered with small mountains and ravines.


The Valkyrie Republic's large size gives it a greatly varied climate, for the most part 33% of the country falls under a humid continental climate. The Valhalla Mountains have the most extreme weather out of the country with average year round tempertures of -9.3°C , with most of the mountains being more than 2,000m above sea level. The eastern coasts of the Valkyrie Republic are the warmest part of the country due to the warm winds being blown up the coast line off of the Eurous ocean. The northern parts of the country are barren and with tundras, most of which has a Subarctic Climate. The northern areas have extreme winters with a record low of -68.5°C. Generaly the most distinct seasons throughout the Valkyrie Republic, are winter, and autumn. The temputure during spring and summer is gereraly the same, and usually not distinguishable from one another.


From North to the south of the Valkyrie Republic, most of the area is temperate rain forest, with tundras in the far-north and high alpine in the center of the country. The Valkyrie Republic has the largest untouched forests in the world.

There are 289 mammal species, and 502 bird species in the Valkyrie Republic. The Wolf is a protected animal, The fine for killing a wolf would be the same as murder.


The current governing sytem is a Socialist Dictatorship, Meaning there is only one person in power at any time. The leader is chosen by the president or a coucil of government officials (Should the president be missing or dead), from a list of candidates chosen by the council.


The Valkyrie Republic is world renowned for its massive military. The Valkyrie Republic's military is built up of state of the art fighting vehicles, ships, firearms, and vehicles. The military is the most diciplined and highly trained army in the world. The military is generly quality over quantity, beliving man power is not enough unless they are well equiped. The military is split up into 5 branches: Valkyrie Republic Ground Forces, Valkyrie Republic Air Force, Valkyrie Republic Naval Forces, Valkyrie Republic Airborne Troops, an the Valkyrie Republic Armed Police Force. The Air force is the largest in the world with over 900 squadrons serving with more than 10,000 planes, 6,000 of which are fighter aircraft. The countries special forces team, Volzastovku, or Волзастовку (Russian:Валькириясилы Респу блики Вольф забастовку, Shortened version of: Valʹkiriya sily Respubliki Volʹf zabastovku) is part of the countries military intelligence agency, the VRS. The Volzastovku are known as the most well trained and disciplined military force in the world. They have a fierce reputation in the world and are trained under some of the harshed conditions immaginable, which are generally more intense than most situations ever encountered on a battlefield. The Valkyrie Republic currently has more that 2,500,000 serving, ten percent of which are special forces.


The Valkyrie Republic is a socialist government with a planned economy, with no privite buissnesses or capitalism. The countries economy generaly is governed by the export and sale of government made goods to other countries. The economy is highly unstable and has gone into a recession more than ten times since 1990s, the last, and biggest in the history of the Valkyrie Republic happened in the June of 2021. Privite eneterprize in completely illegal, and punishible by the law, the income tax rate is 81%, and it is even higher for the wealthy. The government spends seventy percent of country's money on defence, law and order and the administration of the country. Despite that, the Valkyrie Republic has one of the highest education rates in the world, and has free healthcare.

Crime and Law Enforcement

The crime rate in the Valkyrie Republic is extremely low, due to the massive police presence in all major areas. The Valkyrie Republic's Police Forces are part of the military and are armed with automatic rifles, and are well equiped with armoured vehicles, APCs, and helicopters. The police presence can be seen at every street corner, which is a fearful reminder that the law will be enforced, with little or no discretion to the offender. Serious crimes are punishable by death, and petty crimes carry a prison sentance of 5 years.

The law system has been much critisized by the world for its approch to law enforcement and its use of military grade equipment.


A 2026 census indicated that the population of the Valkyrie Republic is at least 192,455,987, with its current population trend by 2030, the population will have only gone up to 195,000,000. 73% of all citizens of the Valkyrie Republic live in urban areas, more prominently, concentrated populations were mostly in, Valravn, Nordstea, Port Derevo, and Velikii City.

The majority of the country's population are Valkyrian, at 86%, with 12% being immigrants from neighbooring countries, and the other 2% being refugees.

The official langauges are Russian, Norwegian, and Romanian, which at least 92% of all citizen's of the Valkyrie Republic speak one of these langauges.

The healthcare in the Valkyrie Republic is completely free, which the government guarentees. The life expectancy in the Valkyrie Republic is 82.56 for males and 94.29 years for females.

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