His Royal Majesty
Alphonse V
Condestável do Reino
King of Portugal
King of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves
Condestável do Reino
Assumed office
June 1st, 2013
Prime Minister Joseph Bernardo Candelaria
Preceded by Emmanuel III
Personal details
BornMay 9th, 1994
Pereria Portugal São Paulo, Brazil, Portugal
ResidencePalácio Nacional ,São Paulo
Palácio Pereira, Lisbon
Alma materNational Military Academy of Portugal
ReligionRoman Catholic

King Alphonse V of the House of Pereira (born May 9th, 1994) is the current ruling Monarch of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves, he is the first Monarch born in the Portuguese province of Brazil. Alphonse is a graduate of Portugal's military academy; the Academia Nacional Militar de Portugal and is a strong headed leader known for his decisive actions in the Second Angolan Civil War in late 2013 and the current uprising in Sri Lanka.

He is the son of the deceased Emmanuel III and is the current patriarch of the Dynasty of Pereira. Alphonse is the first child within the Royal Family to undertake a public education, and was not regarded as anything important to the royal family, mostly in part because his older brother was set as the next heir to the throne. Alphonse was saw unfit after the death of his brother, George II, and many wanted his younger sister- Princess Christina to take the crown- but after a judicial ruling, Alphonse was anointed King of the Portuguese Realm.


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