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Brewster Hill
Brewster Hill Town Square

Town Square in 2014
Brewster Hill fLAG
Flag of Brewster Hill.
Seal of Brewster Hill.
Nickname: Brews Hill
Motto: Smile and be happy, we make everyone feel welcome.
Brewster Map
Location of Brewster Hill.
Land Found:
United States
New Haven
Never Closed
Julian Brewster
 - Original Leader(s):
 - Co-Founder:

Julian Brewster (Original leader)
Isabelle Brewster
 - Total:
 - Land:
 - Water'

13.9 sq mi (35.9 km2)
13.8 sq mi (35.6 km2)
0.1 sq mi (0.3 km2)
Elevation: 741 ft (226 m)
 - Density:

970/sq mi (370/km2)
 - Summer(DST}:
Postal Code:
Area Code:
Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)

Brewster Hill is a town in New Haven County, Connecticut , United States. As of the 2010 United States Census, it had a population of 18,399.


Brewster Hill is a small and farming town, with big houses, nice and kind people and a big community filled with life.



Myths and Legends


Growing Population



Known Locations 

  • Town Hall - The town hall (also named The Brewster Hall) was one of the main parts of the community of Brewster Hill.
    • Today it is used as a conference building for the present mayor.
    • It also holds files to every resident of Brewster Hill, old and present.
  • Brewster Hill House - The house is the main part of the town's community property inside Brewster Hill. It was the original home to Julian Brewster and his sister Isabelle Brewster; the last and only existing family members of ''The Brewster Family'' in the 1800s. It is now opened as a museum for visitors and residents of Brewster Hill.
    • The house was built in 1799, years after the founding of the town.
    • It is owned by Vincent Brewster, one of the descendent' of the historic Brewster Family.
  • The Brewster Church - The Church is were Brewster Hill's residents all gather for a mass or celebration. Most of Brewster Hill's community come on their own to gather their thoughts and pray to god also their loved ones. It's open daily and never closed.
    • Like most of the town's common and old buildings/houses it's named after the town/founder Julian Brewster.
    • The Church was built as soon as the land was commissioned in 1792.
  • The Founding Mansion - The founding house is a big part of the community, it was co-owned by Benjamin Brewster, Julian and Isabelle's brother, in 1799. The Mansion was a home to all of Brewster Hill's community creators, until the 1900s when the town increased population, work places and homes, making the mansion useless.
    • The Mansion was built in the 1790s.
    • The Founding Mansion was owned by Julian and Isabelle's brother, Benjamin Brewster.
    • The Mansion was used for town creators, who worked in making the town's community.
    • The Founding Mansion was used up until 1900s when the mansion was useless.
    • The Mansion was demolished in 1905.

Community Places/Locals

  • The Local Store - It was built in 1954. It is a store for the town's people to buy there groceries.
    • The Store was opened by town's people in 1954.
    • The Store is one of the places built by town's people including some houses.
  • The Brew Diner - The Diner was opened in 1966, by a town resident named Lillian Adrianna. The diner sells all kinds of foods including, Corndogs, Coffees and Healthy american foods.
    • The Diner was opened in 1966.
    • The Diner still exists today and is owned by Lillian Adrianna's descendent, Kessa Jestria.
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