Chubut Region
Flag of chubut province in argentina - bandera de chubut .png Coat of arms of Chubut
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: We are largely united
Azoro Chubut loc.png
Capital Rawson
Largest city Rawson
Largest metro Rawson Coast
Official languages Spanish, Azorean
Demonym Chubutean
Government Regional General
[[{{{Regional General Type}}} of Chubut|{{{RGType}}}]] Tucuman Grosso
Premier Reyna Shapiro (APC)
Legislature [[Estado-Generales]]
Federal representation In Azorean Congress
House seats 78/598 of 598
Senate seats 88/338 of 338
Confederation 12 July 2002 (8)
Area [11] Ranked 1
Total 224,686 {Template:TotalArea mi2
Land 223,657
Water (%) 1,029
Proportion of Canada Template:Proportion of Azoro
Population  Ranked 5
Total (2012) 4,000,763 [1]
Density (2012) Template:PopulationDensity km2 Template:PopulationDensity mi2
Proportion of Canada Template:Proportion of Azoro
{{GDP}} Ranked 4
Total (2012) AZ$159.566 billion
Per capita AZ$39,884 (5)
Postal CH
ISO 3166-2 CHU
Time zone {{{TimeZone}}}
Postal code prefix N, P, Q, R, S
Flower Pamas
Tree Ocean Holly
Bird Arctic Tern
Website {{{Website}}}
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Chubut is a region in the state of Azoro. It is the largest in size and the 5th in population. Chubut is located between the Argentine provinces of Rio Negro and Santa Cruz and the country of Chile. It also borders the Atlantic Ocean at its east coast. Chubt capital is Rawson with 3.05 million people in the area.
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