Claftan is a large country in central Europe. Its official name is The Democratic Republic of Claftan (German: Die Demokratische Republik Claftan). Claftan's population is above 1 billion people. Because of recent events Claftan's moral is essentially shattered. It is still trying to get on its feet after the recent devastating civil war.

Climate and Geography

Claftan essentially occupies the ares known as Switzerland, Germany, Liechenstein, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic. Claftan has reletively mild summers and cool winters. Though the extremity of summers and winters can differ. It is very cold in the alpine regions in southern Claftan. The coldest temperture recorded was -74 degrees F (-58 degrees celcius) on Weissmies in the Pennine alps. The hottest temperture was 110 degrees F ( 43 degrees celcius) in western Berlin.


Antient History

For more information see: Germany

Central europe was originally populated by several Germanic tribes. These tribes were involved in wars with Rome and such. For more information please click link provided.

Founding of Claftan

Claftan was founded by Sir William Bach Smithson in 1312. Most historians consider Smithson to be mentally insane. This is because he frequently heard voices from God. Claftan was born from such a vision.

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