This is a listing of all of the Republic of Cascadia's treaties, agreements, enemies, allies, and such.


  • Peace: Both nations agree to a standard peace treaty.
  • Alliance: Both nations are allies and will come to the aid of the other when needed.
  • War: Both nations are at war and combat is in progress.
  • Trade: Both nations agree to trade with one another, various types of technologies and supplies (natural resources, food, medical, military, manufactured goods [electronics, clothing, vehicles, parts, tools, etc]).
  • Non-Aggression: Both nations agree to peaceful relations. Neither nation may attack the other. Military units cannot enter the other nation's territory.
  • Military: Military units may enter and leave both nation's territory at will. Troops may be stationed within both nation's territory. Air force units may enter each other's airspace and Naval units may enter each other's waters.
  • Economic: The Republic of Cascadia provides monetary aid or funding, loans or etc. toward this nation.
  • Non-Combat: Both nations refuse to accept each other in peaceful relations and remain hostile and aggressive. Both nations are not at war.
  • Combat: Both nations are at war and combat is in progress.


Nation Nation Treaty Agreements
Cascadia EAF Alliance Trade
Cascadia United Kingdom Alliance Trade/Military
Cascadia Australia Alliance Trade
Cascadia New Zealand Alliance Trade/Military
Cascadia Canada Alliance Trade
Cascadia Italy Alliance Trade
Cascadia Everett Alliance Trade
Cascadia Franco-Germania Alliance Trade
Cascadia USSR Alliance Trade/Military
Cascadia Greece Alliance Trade
Cascadia Netherlands Alliance Trade
Cascadia Norway Alliance Trade
Cascadia Sweden Alliance Trade
Cascadia Mexico Alliance Trade
Cascadia Czech Republic Alliance Trade
Cascadia India Alliance Trade


Nation Nation Treaty Agreements
Cascadia Turkey Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Cascadia Central America Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Cascadia Brazil Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Cascadia Argentina Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Cascadia Chile Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Cascadia Allied States Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Cascadia Poland Peace Non-Aggression
Cascadia Spain Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Cascadia Portugal Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Cascadia Switzerland Peace Non-Aggression
Cascadia Finland Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Cascadia Denmark Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Cascadia Iceland Peace Non-Aggression


Nation Nation Treaty Agreements
Cascadia Iran Peace Non-Combat
Cascadia Yemen Peace Non-Combat
Cascadia Yarphei Peace Non-Combat

Agencies & Organizations

Nation Organization Type Membership
Cascadia United Nations World Government Member & Security Council
Cascadia NATO Military Organization Member
Cascadia INTERPOL Law Enforcement Member
Cascadia Organization of American States World Government Member
Cascadia SICOFAA Military Organization Observer
Cascadia NAFTA Financial/Trade Organization Member
Cascadia World Trade Organization Financial/Trade Organization Member
Cascadia World Bank Financial Organization Member
Cascadia G12 World Government Member
Cascadia G20 Financial Organization Member
Cascadia Planetary Alliance For Freedom World Government Member
Cascadia North American Union World Government Member
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