Economy of Austranesia
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Rank 5th
Currency Austranese Rial
Fixed exchange rates 1 Я = US$19.77
Fiscal year July 1 - June 30
GDP $13.647 trillion(nominal)
$13.586 trillion(PPP)
GDP growth 5.67%
GDP per capita $51,034(nominal)
Gini index 37.8
Ease of Doing Business Rank 15th
Export goods Electronics,Fruit, Gold, Medical suppliesMemory Chips
Main export partners East Asia Federation 36%, Yarphei 23%, Ryukyu 21%, Cascadia %9, Allied States 4%, South Asia 3%, 1.5% Singapiar, 1.5% Others
Imports $435.98 billion
Main import partners partners China 22.2%, USA 10.96%, Australia 6.29%, Saudi Arabia 5.29%, UAE 4.12%, South Korea 3.98%, Indonesia 3.95% (2009)
FDI stock $161.4 billion (31 December 2010 )
Public finances
Revenues $2.095 trillion
Expenses $1.625 trillion
Economic aid $12.75 billion
Credit rating

AA- (Domestic)
AA- (Foreign)
AAA (T&C Assessment)
Outlook: Stable
Moody's: Aa2
Outlook: Negative
Fitch: AA

Outlook: Stable
Foreign reserves 2.45 trillion
All values, unless otherwise stated, are in US dollars
The Economy of Austranesia, a free market economy, is the fifth largest in the world(after the United States and the People's Republic of China, Japan, and Germany). According to the International Monetary Fund, the country's per capita GDP(PPP)was at $50,805 or the 5th highest in 2010.

Austranesia is a developed country with a growing economy.

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