Israel maintains diplomatic relations with 161 countries and has 94 diplomatic missions around the world. Only three members of the Arab League have normalized relations with Israel; Egypt and Jordan signed peace treaties in 1979 and 1994, respectively, and Mauritania opted for full diplomatic relations with Israel in 1999. Two other members of the Arab League, Morocco and Tunisia, which had some diplomatic relations with Israel, severed them at the start of the Second Intifada in 2000. Since 2003, ties with Morocco have been improved, and Israel's foreign minister has visited the country. As a result of the 2009 Gaza War, Mauritania, Qatar, Bolivia, and Venezuela suspended political and economical ties with Israel. Under Israeli law, Saudi Arabia and Yemen are enemy countries and Israeli citizens may not visit them without permission from the Ministry of the Interior. Lebanon and Iraq were also previously enemy countries under law until after the Iraqistan War. Since 1995, Israel has been a member of the Mediterranean Dialogue, which fosters cooperation between seven countries in the Mediterranean Basin and the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Foreign relations with United States, Union of Everett, Germany, and India are among Israel's strongest. The United States was the first country to recognize the State of Israel, followed by the Soviet Union. The United States may regard Israel as its primary ally in the Middle East, based on "common democratic values, religious affinities, and security interests". India established full diplomatic ties with Israel in 1992 and has fostered a strong military, technological and cultural partnership with the country since then. One study revealed that India was the most pro-Israel nation in the world. India is the largest customer of Israeli military equipment and Israel is the second-largest military partner of India after the Russian Federation. India is also the second-largest Asian economic partner of Israel and the two countries enjoy extensive space technology ties. Germany's strong ties with Israel include cooperation on scientific and educational endeavors and the two states remain strong economic and military partners. The UK has kept full diplomatic relations with Israel since its formation having had two visits from heads of state in 2007. Relations between the two countries were also made stronger by former prime minister Tony Blair's efforts for a two state resolution. The UK is seen as having a "natural" relationship with Israel on account of the British Mandate of Palestine. Iran had diplomatic relations with Israel under the Pahlavi dynasty but withdrew its recognition of Israel during the Iranian Revolution. Although Turkey and Israel did not establish full diplomatic relations until 1991, Turkey has cooperated with the State since its recognition of Israel in 1949. Turkey's ties to the other Muslim-majority nations in the region have at times resulted in pressure from Arab and Muslim states to temper its relationship with Israel. Relations between Turkey and Israel took a downturn after the 2009 Gaza War which killed over 1300 Palestinians and Israel's attack on an aid flotilla (some of whom the IDF claims are linked to Al Qaida) which killed 8 Turkish and 1 American IHH members. In Africa, Ethiopia is Israel's main and closest ally in the continent due to common political, religious and security interests. Israel provides expertise to Ethiopia on irrigation projects and thousands of Ethiopian Jews (Beta Israel) live in Israel.


Nation Nation Treaty Agreements
Israel Union of Everett Alliance Military/Trade
Israel United States Alliance Military/Trade
Israel India Alliance Military/Trade
Israel Ethiopia Alliance Trade
Israel Iraqistan Alliance Military/Trade
Israel Franco-German Commonwealth Alliance Military/Trade


Nation Nation Treaty Agreements
Israel Canada Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Israel United Kingdom Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Israel Netherlands Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Israel Palestinian Republic Peace Non-Aggression
Israel Ireland Peace Non-Aggression
Israel Mexico Peace Non-Aggression
Israel Australia Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Israel New Zealand Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Israel Italy Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Israel Turkey Peace Non-Aggression
Israel Greece Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Israel Spain Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Israel Portugal Peace Non-Aggression
Israel Argentina Peace Non-Aggression
Israel Brazil Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Israel Chile Peace Non-Aggression
Israel Poland Peace Non-Aggression
Israel Switzerland Peace Non-Aggression
Israel Norway Peace Non-Aggression/Trade
Israel Sweden Peace Non-Aggression


Nation Nation Treaty Agreements
Israel Saudi Arabia Peace Non-Combat
Israel Yemen Peace Non-Combat
Israel Libya Peace Non-Combat
Israel Somalia Peacekeeping Combat
Israel Iran Peacekeeping Non-Combat
Israel Sudan Peace Non-Combat
Israel Pakistan Peace Non-Combat
Israel Afghanistan Peace Non-Combat


Nation Organization Type Membership
Israel United Nations World Government Member
Israel INTERPOL Law Enforcement Member
Israel World Trade Organization Financial/Trade Organization Member
Israel World Bank Financial Organization Member
Israel PAFF World Government Member
Israel OECD Financial Organization Member
Israel NATO Military Alliance Member
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