House of savoy

The House of Savoy (Italian: Casa Savoia) was formed in the early 11th century in the historical Savoy region. Through gradual expansion, it grew from ruling a small county in that region to eventually rule the Kingdom of Italy from 1861 until the end of World War II. The House of Savoy ruled unified Italy for 85 years, and have ruled Europa since 1964.

House of Savoy

Europan Branch

The House of Savoy-Hohenzollern-Sigmarinen is the Royal Family of Europa. The family is desceded from the House of Savoy (Italy) and the House of Hohenzollern-Sigmarinen (Romania). The house was formed when King Pietro I married Princess Elena of Romania (daughter of King Michael) in 1982.

Greco-Turkish Branch

The House of Glücksburg-Savoy is the Royal Family of Greco-Turkey. It was formed when King Constantine of Greco-Turkey married Princess Antonia in 1966. They are the claimants to the throne since 1986 and might be restored.

Family tree

Royal tree

Line of succession

According to Law 273 of 1964, only descendants of King Umberto II may inherit the trone, but if all his descendants die the nearest relations (children of Vitt. Em. III) may have it. Traditionally the descendancy was all-male, so King Pietro I who had two older sisters was ahead of them. In 1985 Pietro changed the law to make it that the oldest child, regardless of gender could inherit it.

  1. Princess Giulietta
  2. Princess Irina
  3. Princess Silvia
  4. Princess Maria
  5. Princess Maria Pia
  6. Marta Donnerstad
  7. Matthias von Herrenhausen
  8. Christine von Herrenhausen
  9. Willem Donnerstad
  10. Carl Gustaf Donnerstad
  11. Margrethe Donnerstad
  12. Ingrid Donnerstad
  13. Edvard Donnerstad
  14. Henrik Donnerstad
  15. Princess Antonia
  16. Prince August of Thurn und Taxis
  17. Prince Max of Thurn und Taxis
  18. Princess Martha of Thurn und Taxis
  19. Princess Caroline of Thurn und Taxis
  20. Princess Eugenia of Thurn und Taxis
  21. Carolina Borbon
  22. Luisa Borbon
  23. Carlos Borbon
  24. Princess Ioanna of Greco-Turkey
  25. Prince Paul of Greco-Turkey
  26. Princess Katerina of Greco-Turkey
  27. Prince Michael of Greco-Turkey
  28. Princess Demetra of Greco-Turkey
  29. Prince Ioannis of Greco-Turkey
  30. Prince Peter of Greco-Turkey
  31. Prince Carlos of Spain
  32. Princess Isabela of Spain
  33. Princess Melina of Greco-Turkey
  34. Prince Olav of Greco-Turkey
  35. Princess Varvara of Greco-Turkey
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