Coat of arms of Sierra

(Los Angeles)

Liliana Castellano
Mrs. Liliana Castellano
Minister of Foreign Affairs

Mission Statement: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs aims to promote democracy, justice, and peace throughout the world; to advance, benefit protect, and preserve the interests of the Sierran people and the world; to foster and cultivate friendship and trade worldwide; and ensuring stability and progress for the human race. Committed towards open and responsible global diplomacy, it is the Ministry's mission to represent the Sierran people. The Ministry works alongside other federal agencies and government bodies in coordinating and managing foreign affairs. Overseeing an extensive staff of dedicated ambassadors and their staff as well as civil employees and volunteers, the Ministry has helped peoples in all nations throughout the world with peacekeeping operations, human development, aid and disaster relief, and more. The Ministry is responsible for protecting Sierrans abroad and cooperates with other foreign diplomatic agencies in regards to foreign nationals within Sierra. Combating global terrorism, drug and human trafficking, cyber crimes, child abductions and abuse, and other issues, the Ministry has many duties and responsibilities. The Ministry has and will continue working with foreign states and organizations championing positive ideals and values one mission at a time in this world of ever increasing interdependence.

Libertas sine sacrifico.

Liberty without sacrifice.





North America

South America


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