Japanese People's Army
Nippon jinmin gun (日本鮮人民陸軍)
The flag of the Japanese People's Army
The flag of the Japanese People's Army
Founded 12 February 1950 [1]
Service branches 25px Korean People's Army Ground Force
Artillery Guidance Bureau
North Japanese Special Forces Group
Headquarters Sapporo, Democratic People's Republic of Japan
Honorable Marshal of the Japanese People's Army Masanichi Kaneshiro
Minister of People's Armed Forces Vice Marshal Hironobu Sakagawa
Chief of the General Staff Vice Marshal Takeshi Imahara
Conscription 17 years of age
Available for
military service
7,830,466 males, age 17-53 (2008 est.),
5,678,935 females, age 17-53 (2008 est.)
Fit for
military service
4,810,831 males, age 17-53 (2008 est.),
4,853,270 females, age 17-53 (2008 est.)
Reaching military
age annually
194,605 males (2008 est.),
187,846 females (2008 est.)
Active personnel


Reserve personnel 8,200,000(2010)
Deployed personnel 2,300,457
Annual exports $ 100 mln.
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The Japanese People's Army (JPA) (Kanji: 日本鮮人民陸軍, Romaji Nippon Jinmin Rikugun) is the official ground army of the Democratic People's Republic of Japan. It was founded on February 12, 1950 from the last remaining remnants of the Imperial Japanese Armywho had surrendered to the Soviet Union. The current de facto leader of the armed forces of North Japan is Premier Masanichi Kaneshiro. The JPA is split into the Japanese People's Ground Force, the Artillery Guidance Bureau, and the North Japanese Special Forces Group. In wartime, the JPA is under the joint control of Kaneshiro and the Socialist Japanese People's Senate.


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