Lampedusa runway

The runway at Lampedusa

(Italian: Isola di Lampedusa, Sicilian: Isula di Lampidusa) is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, part of Europa. It is the largest of the Pelagie Islands. Tunisia is the closest shore to Lampedusa. It is situated 205 kilometres (127 mi) from Sicily, 176 kilometres (109 mi) from Malta and 113 kilometres (70 mi) from Tunisia, and is the southernmost point in Europa. The island has an area of 20.2 square kilometres (7.8 sq mi).

Lampedusa is known for being a major military base in Europa. The Royal Navy of Europa operates the Lampedusa Naval Base (Royal Navy Mediterranean Fleet). The air force has a field here where Marelli M3's are based. There are hidden bunkers where R90 Missiles are located and may be launched. Ground forces' persence is very minimal, with only around 100 soldiers stationed at any time.

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