ISO 4217 Code GNM

New Germanic Empire Flag New Germanic Empire

Symbol M
Central bank Imperial Bank of the Empire

The Neuemark is the current currency of the New Germanic Empire. It currently stands at being worth 1.371 dollars. The currency is particularly unique due to the fact that it is a completely paper currency, with half size notes for Neuepfennig. There are 100 Neuefennig to the Neuemark and there are 15 Neuemark notes: M1, M5, M10, M25, M50, M100, M250, M500, M1,000, M5,000, M10,000, M50,000, M100,000, M500,000 and M1,000,000. And there are 6 Neuefennig notes: M0.01, M0.05, M0.10, M0.25, M0.50 and M0.75. The currency is currently very stable and the chance of a change in value is very low.

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