New American Union.

The U.S.A is a dictatorship run by a corporation called Inspire Corp that got rich off of selling super pandemic curing pills. When president Barrack Obama fled to Iceland to escape the pandemic, the company saw their chance to take over a country. The CEO of IC and the president of the USA is Nathan Reeves, a successful businessman who led IC to this point. The Inspire Corp renamed the U.S to the New American Union(NAU for short.). They also made sure everyone knows who runs the NAU by putting their propaganda on everything. The NAU also changed multiple government corporations into their own versions of the old corporations, like for example, Amtrak is called Inspire Rail in the NAU.

NAU Seal


The executive branch is almost the same, but with some differences. The president is whoever is CEO of Inspire Corporation, and the president also has unlimited power once elected. Currently Nathan Reeves is president.

The legislative branch is the same as in old America. But the judicial branch is different. Now they run the police force too, and the laws for trials are different. In the NAU you are guilty until proven innocent, and the role of the jury is lessened. Now, the jury is only present if the judge orders them in.

The government also created a new department, the department of propaganda, dedicated to putting Inspire Corp propaganda on everything. The government requires TV channels to show propaganda commercials or face heavy fines. Also, the internet suffix has been changed to .nau instead of .com.


The military is pretty much the same as when it was controlled by the U.S.

Army: See U.S Army

Air Force: See U.S Air Force

Marines: See Marines

Navy: See Navy

The main difference is the new uniform. Now standard uniform is dark green digital camo.


Transportation is the same as the U.S     but with some new projects being worked on. There is a project to connect New York and Los Angeles by electric rail. The project is currently a quarter of the way complete. There is also a plan to expand the highway from New York to D.C and add more lanes, but the project is still in the pre planning stages. In New York, JFK airport will be expanded with two new terminals.

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