Stato Pontificio
Latin: Status Pontificius
600px-Flag of the Vatican City.svg 535px-Coat of arms of the Holy See.svg
Motto: "One God, One People"
Anthem: Pontifical Anthem

Location of the Papal States in Europe
Territorial Map of the Papal States
Capital. Vatican City, Roma
Largest City. Roma
Official language Latin
Recognized regional languages Italian, English, French, German
Demonym Italian
Plural Italians

 - Pope
Pope Benedict XVI
 - Italian Republic
 - Papal States

17 March 1861
May 4th, 1972
 - 2010 census

 - Total
 - Per capita
2009 estimate
$9.3 trillion
GDP (nominal)
 - Total
 - Per capita
$9.3 trillion
Gini 36.2
HDI (2009) Green Arrow Up Darker .970(high) (1st)
Drives on the Right
Internet TLD .ps
Calling code .39

The Papal State(s), State(s) of the Church, or Pontifical States (Italian: Stato Pontificio, also Stato della Chiesa, Stati della Chiesa, Stati Pontifici, and Stato Ecclesiastico; Latin: Status Pontificius, also Dicio Pontificia) was a reastablished form of the old Papal States and takes up all of the Italian Peninsula.

Italian Revolution

During the Years of Lead in the 1960s terror groups had become very popular and targeted a the extremist political groups such as Fascists and Communists. Many had for told that this time period would be the same as the fall of Rome and the breakup of Italy. In 1965 June 5th a successful coup had taken place when Military General Aleandro Pritoli had over pushed over the Italian Senate and President and Prime Minster. Presidente Aleandro Pritoli had declared a strong socialist government with a progressive point of view.

Death of Aleandro Pritoli

After leading the nation for the last ten years, Pritoli died in his bed at the age of 34 due to unknown reasons. With no real line of succession different factions began to arise to take control of The Italian Republic. Rome has begun to fling into chaos and the last faction to every to try and take control would soon arise- The Catholic Church. The Vatican ordered the city of Rome be taken back with the help of the exiled Mayor and currently struggling Police Chief. The Vatican ordered the act to make the local churchs become town centers in the Italian country side. The populace called for a United Papal States and Pope John Paul I become the Head of State.


With Italy under the Vatican's grapsm John Paul called for peace with the other groups and called for general peace in the nation. While he did call for peace the Terror groups had become silent and fell from grace. John Paul I called for tolerance for the Homosexual group in Italy, and ordered other progressive policies. The Papal States had slowly taken control over the entire Italian Peninsula. The


The politics in Italy at the moment are very conservative and has no real way to allow the people to represent themselves. Current groups have arose to put down the Papal States, with 57% of the population with disapproval of the Papal government from that under Pope Paul was 16%.


The skies clear after smoke from bombs flee away, only one flag fly stands over the Castle Sant'Angelo and the Saint Peter Basilica- the Roman and Italian flags. The Vatican declares its reformation and to be put into the hands of the Italian Military.

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