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The Kingdom of Sierra, commonly known simply as Sierra, is a federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy situated on the central western part of North America consisting of 22 provinces along the Pacific Ocean. Sierra spans from the Cascade Range of the north to the fringes of the Basin and Range Province region at the east extremity. It shares borders with the United States to the north and east and Mexico to the south. At 388,308 square miles, it is ranked 29th in total land area ahead of Egypt but is smaller than Mauritania.

As a result of its unique history and culture, the Kingdom of Sierra boasts one of the most ethnically diverse and muliticultural nations in the world. Gaining independence from Mexico in 1846 under the name the California Republic, the Kingdom of Sierra came to being under its current constitution as a compromise between American settlers, Mexican-born Californios, and British royalists in 1858. With the Gold Rush of 1848, immigration from the Americas, Asia, and Europe gave Sierra much more legitimacy and power over its territory.

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