The Premier of Kihāmát is the head of government and the head of state of Kihāmát.

The current Premier of Kihāmát is Īzván Rátkan Yôfánī-Mā́rī.

The Premier is elected every five years using the first-past-the-post system. Premiers are allowed a maximum of two consecutive terms and a total of three non-consecutive terms.


The criteria to run for Premier are the same as those that run to be a Member of Parliament. These criteria are simple the candidate must have Kihā́mmic citizenship and must be at least 25 years of age. There is also a fee of 100ʜ (£416.91/$647.83) to deter candidates who are not serious.

Certain people are not eligible to stand, such as those in prison at the time of the election.

To be elected Premier the candidate must be elected as an MP at the same election.


The office's full title is:

English: The Premier of the Socialist Republic of Kihāmát
Kihā́mmic: Lố lī́ Kihāmátī aguntokôvanatī́zī agənamīšā́nī rozún
IPA: [ˈlo ˈliː kɪhɑːˈmatiː agʊntɒkovanaˈtiːziː agənamiːˈʃɑːniː ɹɒˈzʊn]

The Premier also holds the title of Chairman of the Cabinet, the full title is:

English: The Chairman of the Cabinet of the Kihā́mmic National Parliament
Kihā́mmic: Lû́ lī́ Šamdrálī kihāmatī́zī knátûvī káptôû
IPA: [ˈlu ˈliː ʃamˈdɾaliː kɪhɑːmaˈtiːziː kˈn̩atovaniː ˈkaptou̯]

The Premier is referred to as:

English: Mr Premier
Kihā́mmic: Éhl rozún
IPA: [ˈɛɦl̩ ɹɒˈzʊn]
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