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Province of Broker
Flag of the Province of Broker (Great Britain)
Motto: Never we fail
Anthem: God Save the King
Location of Broker in Colonial Albion (1762)
Location of Broker in Albion in 1762.
Largest City
Port James
State's Port
Official Language(s): English
Regional Language(s): French, Russian
Demonym: Brokarian
 - Royal Governor:
Colonial government
 -Province of Broker:
 -State of Broker:

Currency: Pound sterling

The Province of Broker was one of the five English (later British) crown colonies in Albion as well as the first. It was founded in 1508 by Captain James Broker, who arrived days before the commander of the English colonial force, Commodore Richard Stutton. It was chartered by Henry VIII as an official colony in 1515, when James Broker was also appointed as Royal Governor. The modern states of Broker, Intima and the National Capital Region are its direct successors. The name Broker comes from the first man to land at what is today Title Island, and the founded of the state, James Broker.

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