L'iniziativa Scipione (English: The Scipio Initiative / Latin: Scipionem Initiative ) is a Italian research department of the Italian Republic, or Roman Empire.


The Papal Department of Science, which was stictly looked over by the Vatican, due to its recent activites with Anti-Matter. The Church saw the department looking for means of getting around God, calling for it discharge. At this time, only a few small group of Scientists had dedicated themselfs to keeping the Vatican out of the delvopment of Science. This small group called themselfs 'Illuminati', more on the lines of the Bavarian Illuminati, an Enlightenment-era secret society founded on May 1, 1776. The group had moved from place to place over the few years, it then based itself on Rapa Iti.

The Rapa Incident

The small group had begun to slowly make citizens leave peacfully, by paying them or fearing the islanders with they're expirments. The leaders of the Illuminati did not want the citizens to be hurt, nor get involed with the activities of the group. The Island had become silent, the researchers had built the labs under the ground and into hills. The last record of Rapa Island's radio contact was on May 5th, 2010, the event was taken by radio and one image from New Zealand.

Papeet & Adamstown

Papeet Command:

Je ne peux pas voir, je ne vois pas! Une telle luminosité!

( English: My eyes, my eyes, such brightness!)


Qu'est-ce qui se passe de Papeete, ce qui se passe à la population civile! Quel est votre statut de Papeete!?

(English: What is happening Papeete, what is happening to the civilian populace! What is your status Papeete!?)

The connection goes completly dead.

The connection with Adamstown had gone out before any signal could be given out. British and French send ships to check up on the Islands, only to find a very scared populance- healthy and safe.

New Zealand

Light Beam tutorial
Pictures from New Zealand, space and Latin America all take accounts to the event. Only one picture was able to survive the electromagnetic blast, this clear image from the city of Auckland, New Zealand.

Aftermath of the Rapa Incident

The Island can not be found currently, due to ships and planes being turned around by device failure or engine failure. Trying to pinpoint on the Island gives a blurry image, not allowing any visual of the island.

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