Republic of Snowdonia
Motto: Surrounded by sea, protected by Mountains
Anthem: Spirit of Snowdonia
Capital Villanova
Largest city Villanova (Snowdonia)
Official languages English
Ethnic groups

European 65% African 25%

Asian 5%
Demonym Snowdonian , Snowy (colloquial)
• President
Brett Walker
• Vice President
Kelly O'Mara
Legislature National Assembly of Snowdonia
• Census
2 million
Currency Snowdonia Dollar (SW$)

The Republic of Snowdonia (commonly known as Snowdonia) is a small island nation located in the south-eastern part of the Indian Ocean, just off the coast of Western Australia.Geographically part of Oceania, the country maintains close ties with Australia,New Zealand and Indonesia.

Snowdonia is an island country, it is composed of the Snowdonia archipelago which consists of one main island and several smaller ones. Most of the islands are mountainous, Snowdonia is famous for its luxurious green valleys and its high peaks.


The Snowdonia archipelago was named after the Snowdonia mountain range in North Wales, UK. Indeed the Snowdonian mountains are similar to the Welsh ones.



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