Territorial Republic of Nentia Nentia Flag
Official Languages English
Other Languages Spanish, French, Portuguese
Capital Nentia
Government Constitutional republic
Head of State John Tripham-Groves,Jr. (as of 2005)
Deputy Head of State Juan Carlos Ruizio Macías (as of 2005)
Area 21,252 km² or
15749 acres
Population ~190,000 (As of 2002)
Founded March 12th, 1954
Currency Nentian Monetary Credit,


The Territorial Republic of Nentia is a small independent nation founded in 1954 by its first Head of State, John Tripham-Groves,Sr. (pronounced trip´-ham), formerly an independently wealthy American arms dealer. It is located on an approximately 15,800 acre land purchase from multiple governments spread out across several islands in the South Atlantic.


There are 6 main islands and 13 smaller islands in the Territorial Republic of Nentia. A list of the Nentian Islands by size is at the bottom of the page.

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