United Eurasian Economic Commonwealth

"United we Stand" (official)

Anthem: " Oh Sweet Mockingbird"
Ueec map


Headquarters Warsaw
Largest city Istanbul

Official languages Over 187 inc. those below
Recognised regional languages
Demonym Eurasian
Government Economic Union
 -  President
Legislature The Estate
 -  Upper house First Estate
 -  Lower house Second Estate
 -  2184 estimate 420,061,700 (3rd)
 -  Density 24.2/km2

88.6/sq mi

GDP (PPP) 2187 estimate
 -  Total $76.768 trillion (4th)
 -  Per capita $103,001 
Currency Europa (UEA)
Internet TLD .ueec   

The United Eurasian Economic Commonwealth is a Politico-Economic Union of upwards of 25 members. It was founded in 2059. It succeded the EU which collpased in 2042. It is funded by it's member states and has some degree of federal control over countries laws such as the death penalty, which the UEEC re-banned in 2090 after it's re-legalization throughout Europe in the 2050s (note: as of 2095 only the World Court can sentence people to death).

The UEEC traces it origins from the European Union (EU) and the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), two competing superpowers that both collpased in 2042 after the end of WWIII and the European Fascist Wars. 

The UEEC is Post-Capitalist and encourages an Market Socialism economy but each member is free to chose their own type of governemnt/economy, besides extreme, outdated or harmful ideologies such as Fascism (banned worldwide in 2045 after the European Fascist Wars) and Capitalism (Banned in 2105 by order of the UN and the World Court)

Anarcho-Syndicalism is also very popular in the Commonwealth.

Monetary Union

The UEEC Monetary Union was established in 2089 on the Commonwealth's 30th birthday. The new currency was the Europa, a play on words on the now dysfunctianal currency, the Euro which was abandoned in 2036 as Europe underwent the Fascist Wars. The Monetary Union was established to ease trade for Workers after the Production Act of 2087 which saw Eurasian business ownership transfered from a group of investors to it's employees after the Commonwealth's socio-economic reforms of 2070-2120 to fit with the growing worldwide Anarcho-Syndicalist Movement.


All countries in the UEEC have an connected energy grid after the Act of Energy Conectivity was passed in 2107. After non-renewable resources were banned after the end of 

WWIII and the Qubec War in 2042, many countries had already built an efficiant eco-friendly grid system and fuel sources. The UEEC exports much of the worlds Geothermal Energy from Iceland, ammounting for 12% of it's GDP alone. It also Imports much of it's Solar Energy from what used to be the Sahara Dsert, now renamed the Sahara Jungle and the Sachel Plains/Savannah. Morroco and Tunisia, North African UEEC members supply much Solar Energy at a cheaper rate, boosting the collective GDP. The Commonealth has become a mass exporter of Biofuel, the biofuel giant, BioEurasian, centred in The Slavic/Eurasian Union produeces alomost half the world's biofuel for cars.


The UEEC is represented in the World Trade Organization (WTO), The Milky Way Trade Alliance (MWTA) And the Inter-Galactic Trade Commision (IGTC). It is also a founding member of the Socialist Market and Anarcho-Syndicalist Trade Organization (SMASTO).

It has the world's third largest economy after India and China, and just above Iran, Aztlan, Vera Cruz and The East African Federation.

Paris, an economic powerhouse of Europe

The UEEC is the largest exporter of energy in the world and are the largest bio-product trader internationally. Trade in the UEEC is helped by the removal of all border security and tariffs against all UEEC members.

The UEEC has the worlds lowest, yet highest unemployment rates. Technically not much people work in the UEEC, those who do work in the creative, service or Cyber industry. After the Robot revolution, high unemployment sent the world near-collapse. The world soon adjusted and now with a 66% "Non-Worker" Rate, the UEEC citizens spend much of their time with friends and family or enjoying life, with robots fulfilling societies every need.


The Flag of the UEEC represents the continuation of European Unity, by continuing the old EU star flag, but with two half rings connected in the middle represents the unity of East and West.

Protected areas and the UN/UEEC Natural and Cultural Preservation Programme

The UEEC with the aid and help of the UN protects much land of Natural and Cultural relevance and importance. In many areas there is a population limit and citizens must stick to a strict locally cultural and self-supported lifestyle. Almost all of Siberia is protected from activities such as logging while Poland has the worlds biggest logging industry as millions of acres of Geneticly modified trees grow in months, meaning once expensive wood such as mahogany became a norm in much of the world.

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