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23 October Stadium
Full name Football Stadium 23 October
Location Athenion
Built/th> 2006
Owner Athenion CG
Operator FC Athenion
Capacity 28,000
Tenants FC Athenion(2006-present)


The stadium was built in 1921 and received almost 30,000 spectators but was completely in 1961 and was built new in 1961 that he received 50.000 spectators. The stadium had a minor renovation to 2001 but completely renovated in 2001 and 50.000 seats and standing is zamenjno sitting chair with 30.000 and South stands, which was damaged after fan riot was completely replaced by renovating the stadium and the stadium has received three stars that were a minimum of playing European games that the team played in the Champions League in 2006. For the year 2008 match Olympia followed an average of 25,210 viewers .