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FC Athenion
Full name Football Club Athenion
Second Name Yellow Eagles
Stadium/th> 23 October Stadium
President Kizis Janizis
Manager Alexander Rozlov Датотека:RussianFlag.png
League Mediterran Bank League

NK Olimpija is natrofejniji and most popular club in the Mediterranean, scoring 23 consecutive national championships and 14 won Cups. NK Olimpija colors are green and skorz house guests play in green and white combination. Club founded in 1889, even 31 years ago Ateniona FC. It is well known for what this club is that it was in 2006 as the Champions League and Cup 1991 Cup semi-final when England lost to Manchester United won 3-1 in front of almost 50,000 Antenionu viewers but lost at Old Trafford with even 6-2 . The club plays at sadionu Oazis Terbianzus, which after renovation in 2001 to receive 41,000 spectators. The club is in valsnistvu known local businessman Anton Leinzazusa who bought 51% shares in 2003 and started with a large investment in the club. Club supporters are known by the name ofloan sharkthat they got the colors of the club, known as the major riots that have made the country known as the most problematic naku groups in the country.


The club was founded in 1989 in the city and stadium Antenion j enikao on the coast of the port city and was originally primoa 30,000 spectators. Olympia is the first title won in 1961 and won her first title in the country. It is also known in that it has won six consecutive titles.

Titles: 1961,1962,1963,1965,1967,1968,1969,1973,1974,1976,1977,1988,1989,1990,1991,1992,1994,1998,2001,2003,2005,2006,2008,2009 The first European debate club in 1991 when he had reached the Cup semi-final Cup. The first match was played with Anderlecht 1-0 home and away 2-2, eighth-final with Valencia at home 3-0 away 0-2, home quarter-finals with FC Porto 0-1 away 1-4 in the semi-final with Manchester United won 3-1 in Antenionu before almost 50,000 spectators but lost at Old Trafford with even 6-2.



23 October Stadium .

he stadium was built in 1921 and received almost 30,000 spectators but was completely in 1961 and was built new in 1961 that he received 50.000 spectators. The stadium had a minor renovation to 2001 but completely renovated in 2001 and 50.000 seats and standing is zamenjno sitting chair with 30.000 and South stands, which was damaged after fan riot was completely replaced by renovating the stadium and the stadium has received three stars that were a minimum of playing European games that the team played in the Champions League in 2006. For the year 2008 match Olympia followed an average of 32,210 viewers which is the



FC Athenion supporters know like United Yellow .

Club supporters are known by the name ofloan sharkthat they got the colors of the club, known as the major riots that have made the country known as the most problematic naku groups in the country. The most famous fan gruope are hooligansGreenandNorththe Tigers were founded in the late 80's and late 90's. Fans were making the big issues in the country and Europe 90's and the government is under pressure to lift the UEFA had fans and arrested all the leaders of the group in a large arrest in 1998 under the nameRear kick hooliganismin which they arrested many leaders FC Ateniona . Nvijai Olympia are known throughout Europe even in the world for its volume but also by hooliganism and many players say they could not imagine winning and playing at the stadium without a green domestic support.


Europe League 2002-2003 qualfications[]

FC Athenion 2-1 FC Maribor

FC Maribor 3-1 FC Athenion

Europe League 2003-2004 qualfications[]

FC Athenion 2-0 FC Olympicos

FC Olympicos 5-2 FC Athenion

Europe League 2006-2007 qualfications[]

FC Athenion 3-2 FC Lech Poznan

FC Lech Poznan 0-1 FC Athenion

FC Athenion 1-1 FC Tottenham

FC Gronongem 2-1 FC Athenion

FC Athenion 3-3 FC Dynamo Minsk

Champions League 2010-2011 qualfications[]


First Champions League Match of history of FC Athenion against Bayern Munich on 23 October Stadium .

FC Basel 1-2 FC Athenion (Kryzis 48',Kryzis 88')

FC Athenion 3-0 FC Basel (Kryzis 13',Jesus 56',Jesus 73')

Group Stage:

1.Bayern Munich

2.FC Athenion

3.AC Roma


Cluj 1-2 FC Athenion

FC Athenion 1-3 Bayern Munich

AC Roma 1-3 FC Athenion

FC Athenion 0-0 AC Roma

FC Athenion - Cluj

Bayern Munich - FC Athenion

First team[]

No. Name Position Nationality
1 Minez Grizis GK
4 Alexander Dikozis LB
5 Halem Van Beer RB
6 Todoris Siritis CB
18 Kirik Karowski CB
12 Denis Sartinidis LM
10 Alexander Bertovksy RM
12 Alexandro Tarella CM
7 Kinis Tarzanitis CM
2 De Oliveira Leo ST (Capt.)
11 Igaz Zizis ST