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Her name is Seina Siral and she took the title as Queen of Sylviana 1355-1245 Old Time.


Flag of the and her dynasty

Real name Orla Seina Seannich LaScirales
Class Queen, warrior
Race Ran
Age Unknown, maybe in her late twenties

File:Queen Orla.jpg

Órla Ó Cheanndubháin's picture before she became queen


Born in 1205 Old Time Old Time Orla Seina Seannich LaScirales, her name was changed to Órla Ó Cheanndubháin in 1235 Old Time when she ran for Supreme Maiden in the Ran Kingdom. Her life was grim both of her parents died when she was only two years of age. Her wicked sisters were always treating her poorly. Then one day in 1215 Old Time she fled to the LaSwanna's Shire to start a new life under the name Seina Siral. She was ten at the time when her people were in turmoil. Vast majorities of clans settled in the regions where natives lived for thousands of years. She moved to a large city and grew up there. She got interested in politics and was elected queen in 1230 Old Time.