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.ju is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Surea. It is administered by the Surea Registry Service.

At the establishment of the .ju domain the domain was administered by the SRNIC, as part of their role as an overseeing technical body for the Internet in Surea. However, due to the growing importance and size of the .ju registry, it was decided at the 7th General Meeting of SRNIC in August 2004 to create a new corporation that would manage the .ju domain. Thus, the Surea Registry Service was created, and on April 2005, officially assumed the duties of the .ju registry.

.ju registrations are only allowed if the registrant has a physical address in Surea.

Registrations are processed via accredited registrars and domain names with Surean characters (Honju or Enzoju) may be registered at the second level.

Second-Level Domains[]

While any party with a Surea mailing address can get a second-level domain (example.ju) there are several restricted-use second-level domains, listed below.

  • ac.ju: higher level academic institutions, such as universities
  • ad.ju: SRNIC members
  • co.ju: most forms of incorporated companies, including foreign companies registered in Surea
  • sc.ju: educational institutions for individuals under 18
  • go.ju: Surea government ministries and their endeavours
  • gr.ju: groups of two or more people, or groups of registered companies
  • lg.ju: local government authorities
  • ne.ju: network service providers
  • or.ju: registered organizations and non-profit organizations
  • mi.ju: military organizations