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The 15th Parliament of Sainte Genevieve convened at 9:30am on Wednesday, 1st September 2004. Elections for the Parliament were held about three weeks prior, on 10 August. The data for the 2000 Census remained in effect for purposes of constituencies and apportionment. Only minor changes to electoral boundaries were made, mostly between neighborhoods and suburbs in County Rossport's five electoral districts.

The Social Democrat Party remained the most represented party in Parliament, although the party suffered a net loss of five seats. The Social Democrat-Progressive coalition was joined by the Green Party, to create a narrow majority of 28 seats versus opposition's 21.

Parliament's first official duty was to choose a Speaker, and Social Democrat MP Grace Strasser, representing Rossport Central, was elected by a vote of 27-22. The most represented political party was then invited to form a State Council. SDP leader Phillip Dunigan did so, consisting of himself, four other Social Democrats, two Progressives and one Green. This State council was affirmed in Parliament at 4:45pm on 1st September, by a vote of 30-19, and was sworn in by President O'Hanlon immediately after.

15th Parliament of Sainte Genevieve, 1 September 2004-Present
MP Grace Strasser, Speaker of Parliament
Name Constituency Party
Ballard, Julie Killaren West Conservative  
Barger, Martin Cove Central Green  
Beale, David Ferrig Social Democrat  
Beaton, Michael Cove Central Conservative  
Bolinger, Douglas Boswell South-East Social Democrat  
Bordelon, Walter Rossport North Social Democrat  
Brennan, Brandon Cove South Conservative  
Butters, Amanda Cove North-West Social Democrat  
Callen, Mike Rossport South Conservative  
Chandler, Pearl Rossport West Conservative  
Chapp, Joshua Ferrig Progressive  
Dennis, Glenn Cove North-East Progressive  
Dickens, Harold Rossport East National  
Dodge, Jeffery Killaren East National  
Dunigan, Phillip Rossport East Social Democrat  
Elam, Terry Killaren East National  
Ellington, Danny Dunn Social Democrat  
Ferraro, Tamera Killaren East Social Democrat  
Freschette, Alan Cove North-West Green  
Geyer, Megan Cove North-East Green  
Haywood, Laurence Killaren West National  
Hepburn, Annette Cove South Progressive  
Irons, Arthur Killaren South Social Democrat  
Judge, Leonard Killaren East National  
Lefler, Rosemary Cove North-West Conservative  
Lowman, Jason Rossport West Social Democrat  
Ludwig, Donald Dunn Social Democrat  
Lyman, Christoper Rossport South Social Democrat  
Maxon, Hilda Killaren West Conservative  
McDonough, Alexander Dunn Conservative  
Munro, Todd Boswell South-East Social Democrat  
Naumann, Jacob Cove North-East Social Democrat  
Newhouse, Keith Boswell North-West Conservative  
Noll, Angela Rossport East Social Democrat  
Palmer, Billy Cove Central Social Democrat  
Pearsall, Richard Rossport North National  
Rickman, Gerald Rossport South Conservative  
Rimmer, James Boswell North-West Social Democrat  
Selby, Johnny Killaren South National  
Seton, Andrew Boswell South-East Progressive  
Shearer, Tony Rossport West Conservative  
Smock, Russell Killaren South Social Democrat  
St. John, Eva Boswell North-West Progressive  
Strasser, Grace Rossport Central Social Democrat*  
Swift, Mark Cove South Progressive  
Till, Albert Dunn Social Democrat  
Watson, Roy Ferrig Progressive  
Weber, Joe Rossport North Conservative  
Winkler, Peter Rossport Central Conservative  
Wyman, Stanley Rossport Central National