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2010 National Song Contest
Date: 11 December 2010
Presenters: Noah Kavanagh
Venue: National Indoor Arena
SouthportFlag Southport,
CapeBangorCountyFlag Cape Bangor County
Submissions: 901
Director: Blake Underwood
Commentators: None
Ratings Index: 59
Appreciation Index: 88
Voting: 50% Jury
50% Televote & SMS
Televotes cast: 418,670
Interval act: Jake Dunigan
Winner: "Never Again Without You"
Glenna St. Martin
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The 2010 New Cambria National Song Contest was the seventh running of New Cambria Television's popular annual music competition. It took place over six successive Saturday evenings from 6 November to 11 December 2010. The format for the 2010 contest would be largely the same as that for the expanded 2009 contest. Forty songs competed in four weekly Semi Finals, from which fifteen qualified to the Grand Final Gala on 11 December. A total of 901 song submissions were received, a 16% decrease from the previous year.

The shows were co-presented by Jelena Jakupović, hostess of NCT's morning program Today Now, and Noah Kavanagh, presenter of the popular issues-oriented chat show Counterpoint. Both were returning presenters of the contest; Jakupović co-hosted two of the Semi-Finals in 2008 with Christopher Bear, and Kavanagh presented all five preliminary rounds solo in 2009. Jakupović and Kavanagh hosted the 2009 Grand Final Gala together, with Kavanagh filling in for Brad Nivens at the last minute. Blake Underwood directed the contest for the fourth time, having previously done so in 2006, 2008 and 2009.

In a notable change to the rules, 2010 was the first year in which contest fans could select four acts to compete in the live shows, by voting in an online qualifier round. The four winners of the online qualifier were added to the thirty-six entries selected by the judging committee. Frazier stated that this change was intended to both allow fans a greater involvement in the contest, and to encourage participation among amateur and unsigned musicians, who would otherwise lack the resources to promote their own talent.

Performing the song "Never Again Without You," nineteen-year-old Glenna St. Martin won the contest with 148 points. Cadence in Time, the winners in 2006, took second place with 142 points.


In what has now become contest tradition, the John Cabot Concert Hall in The Settlement once again hosted the first Semi-Final. The Settlement has previously opened the contest in 2007, 2008 and 2009. The Grand Final was originally planned to return to Arvant's Brock Carter Memorial Arena, but Arvant instead hosted the second Semi-Final due to a scheduling conflict.

Beginning in 2011, cities and venues interested in hosting the contest are encouraged to submit bids outlining their prospective plans. Previously, the contest's organizing committee selected the host cities and venues, who then accepted or declined the invitation.

Event Date Venue City
First Semi-Final 6 November John Cabot Concert Hall Settlementflag The Settlement, Cavit Island
Second Semi-Final 13 November Brock Carter Memorial Arena ArvantFlag Arvant, St. George's County
Third Semi-Final 20 November Averytown Municipal Forum Averytownflag Averytown, Avery County
Fourth Semi-Final 27 November Black Box Theatre Stsaviourflag St. Saviour, Trinity County
Wild Card Semi-Final 4 December Treetop Theatre Talbotflag Talbot, St. David's County
Grand Final 11 December National Indoor Arena SouthportFlag Southport, Cape Bangor County


The format of the 2010 contest was largely the same as that of the 2009 contest, with ten songs competing in each Semi-Final, from which the three highest-scoring qualified directly to the Grand Final Gala, and the next three-highest received an invitation to compete in the Wild Card round. The voting was 50% televoting/SMS and 50% jury. The Wild Card round featured 12 songs, from which three were chosen to join the 12 direct qualifiers in the Grand Final. The voting in the Wild Card was the same as the voting in the Semi-Finals.

The Grand Final featured 15 songs. A slight change was made to the voting in the Grand Final, however; the ten professional jurors used in the 2009 contest were replaced with 10 five-person juries, composed of music industry professionals and based in various locations in New Cambria. An eleventh jury was composed of ten music professionals from around the world. The 11 juries' votes constituted 50% of the overall scores, with the remaining 50% coming from telephone and SMS votes. The maximum possible score under this system was 220 points. The ten juries were based in Alaric Island, Arbory, Arvant, Averytown, Đor, Southport, St. Saviour, Talbot, The Settlement and Woodbridge.

Song Selection[]

A total of 40 songs competed in the contest, as selected by a Judging Committee and an online qualifier. Composers, songwriters and performers must all have been legally resident in New Cambria as of 1 June 2010.


  • The jury comprised three music professionals who awarded the songs 10-1 points in descending order of preference. The song that earned the highest combined score received 10 points from the jury. The second-highest received 9 points, the third, 8 points and so on down to 1 point.
  • The viewing public cast their votes via telephone or SMS. The song with the highest number of televotes received 10 points, the second-highest, 9 points, the third-highest, 8 points, and so on down to 1 point.
  • The three songs with the highest combined jury and televote scores qualified for the Grand Final Gala. The fourth-, fifth- and sixth-placed songs in each Semi-Final received an invitation to compete in the Wild Card Semi-Final. The four lowest-ranked songs were eliminated from the competition.
  • In the event two or more songs received the same score, preference was given to the song with the higher televote score.


  • The Grand Final Gala featured 15 songs:
    • Three from each of the four Semi-Finals;
    • Three from the Wild Card-Semi Final;
  • Eleven juries provided 50% of the total scores in the Grand Final:
    • Ten five-person juries comprised of local entertainment industry professionals based in various locations in New Cambria.
    • The eleventh jury consisted of ten music professionals from all over the world.
  • The jury members each awarded 10-1 points to their top 10 songs in descending order.
  • The viewing public contributed 50% of the scores with their telephone and SMS votes. These votes were totaled and assigned points equal to that of eleven juries. Thus, the favorite song from the televote received 110 points, and the tenth favorite received 11 points.

International Jury Members[]

Name and Occupation Origin
Alexander Dupra, singer Heigard Flag Creburg, Heigard
Marta Ellsworth, composer/musician Flag of Australia Melbourne, Australia
Michael Greene, record producer Flag of Canada Victoria, Canada
Nanne Grönvall, singer Flag of Sweden Stockholm, Sweden
Željko Joksimović, singer/composer Flag of Serbia Belgrade, Serbia
Eivør Pálsdóttir, singer/songwriter Flag of the Faroe Islands Syðrugøta, Faroe Islands
Luan Parle, singer/songwriter Flag of Ireland Wicklow, Ireland
Alejo Sandoval, music critic Flag of Argentina Buenos Aires, Argentina
Amy Sedaris, comedienne/author/actress Flag of the United States New York, United States
Bastiaan Van Graan, TV presenter Flag of South Africa Cape Town, South Africa


NCT accepted entries between 27 June and 6 August. A total of 901 entries were received, a decrease of 16% from the previous year's record total of 1,077. Following a review of all submitted entries, 76 were disqualified because they did not comply with the contest's rules. Therefore, 825 songs were delivered to the organizing committee, who presented a shortlist of 100 songs to the Judging Committee on 17 September. This twelve-member Judging Committee selected 36 of the 40 semi-finalists.

Online Qualifier[]

For the first time, contest fans in New Cambria and abroad had the chance to participate in the selection of entries. The Judging Committee selected 36 songs to compete in the Semi-Finals, and the remaining four slots were filled by the winners of an Online Qualifier. On 19 September, ten songs were posted on NCT's website, and visitors worldwide were able to listen and vote for their favourites. Beginning on 27 September, the song with the least number of votes was eliminated each day at 23:00 New Cambria time. The four songs that remained at 23:00 on 2 October joined the 36 semi-finalists chosen by the internal jury. The titles, composers and performers of all 40 songs were made public on 3 October

Song English translation Performer Status Total Votes
Everything of Me - Allison Blake Qualified to Semi-Finals
Il fuoco dentro The Fire Inside Paul Christiansen Qualified to Semi-Finals
L'Orage The Storm David St-Pier Qualified to Semi-Finals
The Things I Should Have Said - Laura Jane Timmins Qualified to Semi-Finals
What's Left of Our World - Marcus Everard Eliminated 2 October 12,625
Ouvrez votre coeur Open Your Heart Jeanne La Palotte Eliminated 1 October 10,004
For Tonight, for Always - Jim Corey & Alicia Donnelly Eliminated 30 September 8,227
In Such an Age - Hannah Kennedy Eliminated 29 September 6,109
Mantem War Vukavese Eliminated 28 September 5,250
How Far? - Julie Breen Eliminated 27 September 4,061

Returning Entrants[]

Several of this year's contestants have competed in previous years. They are:

Name Previous Year(s) Previous Result(s)
Larissa Bergen 2008 9th
Cadence In Time 2006 1st
Mary Christopher 2005, 2006, 2008 7th, 8th, Did not qualify
David Dejardin 2008 5th
Micah Dunedin 2006 9th
Aimée Ferrer 2007 2nd
Jonaton Fiori 2005, 2008 8th, 3rd
Selma Kljajić 2009 2nd (with James Skerritt)
Adam Newkirk 2004 Did not qualify
Lee Ristau 2004 9th
James Skerritt 2009 2nd (with Selma Kljajić)

Grand Final Gala[]

The Grand Final Gala was broadcast live beginning at 8:00pm on Saturday, 11 December 2010, from the National Indoor Arena in Southport. Jelena Jakupović and Noah Kavanagh presented the contest, and 2009 contest winner Jake Dunigan performed the interval act.

Final Scoreboard[]

Rank Song Performer Votes from the international jury Votes from the Southport jury Votes from the Averytown jury Votes from the Talbot jury Votes from the Arbory jury Votes from the Alaric Island jury Votes from the Đor jury Votes from the St Votes from the Woodbridge jury Votes from the Arvant jury Votes from the The Settlement jury Total number of telephone and SMS votes Score
1 04 Never Again Without You Glenna St. Martin 3 1   5 6 4 8 4 3   4 38 117,575 110 148
2 01 A Thousand Excuses Cadence in Time 4 7 7 6 7 3 6 2 5 6 1 54 46,901 88 142
3 03 Je n'sais pas ce que je peux dire Aimée Ferrer 8   10 7 9 2 5 10 4 8   63 38,232 77 140
4 10 Please, Please Serena Phillips 10 8 6 2 8 5 4 9 10 9 10 81 17,091 55 136
5 09 If Our Last Night Could Last Forever Kevin O'Brien   3 1   3 9 7 1   4 8 36 108,346 99 135
6 06 On a Sea of Moonlight Mary Christopher 9 4 8 9 2 10   8 6 5 2 63 24,443 66 129
7 15 Laissez-moi vous suivre Adèle Lachapelle 7 6     10 1 3   7 3 7 44 14,841 44 88
8 08 Lifeline Carmen Evans   9 5 10 5   2 3 9 10 9 62 2,541   62
9 12 Keloses sankevo Ajva 5     8   6 10   2 7   38 11,285 22 60
10 13 Runaway Micah Dunedin     9         6     6 21 11,642 33 54
11 05 A Promise Kept Mary-Elizabeth Dougan 1     4   8 9 5 8   3 38 5,215   38
12 11 Les jeux sont faits Georges Lavoie     2 3 4 7   7       23 942   23
13 14 Do it Right Adam Newkirk   10 4           1 2 5 22 5,756   22
14 02 Today James Skerritt 2 2 3 1   1   1       9 8,429 11 20
15 07 New Day David Dejardin 6 5   1           1   13 5,431   13


See article: 2010 New Cambria National Song Contest Semi-Finals
Semi-Final One Semi-Final Two Semi-Final Three Semi-Final Four
Les yeux fermés Aj, Aj Ente Les jeux sont faits Everything of Me
The Things I Should Have Said1 Superstar The Power of a Woman Nejekas kilevi samatoh
New Day You're a Star Tonight On a Sea of Moonlight Kez mo kezeđovas
Dream of Me Keloses sankevo Lifeline2 If Our Last Night Could Last Forever
Tu n'es pas le premier Demain Never Again Without You Runaway
A Promise Kept Il fuoco dentro Ovih dana Connection
Eđojer Laissez-moi vous suivre Je n'sais pas ce que je peux dire Peace
Do it Right Sleepless Nights L'Orage Mervejases
Des milliers des voix A Thousand Excuses Sons and Daughters Je peux pas
Our Symphony Please, Please Kese kesaloves Today

1 "The Things I Should Have Said" received enough votes to qualify for the Wild Card Semi-Final, however the entry was disqualified after the performer, Laura Jane Timmins, made an inflammatory political statement during her performance, in violation of the contest's rules.
2 The original entry drawn in this position, "I Don't Know What I'm Living For" performed by Keith Crowley, was withdrawn the day before the Semi-Final. "Lifeline" was one of the judges' reserve selections, chosen to perform in the event of an unexpected opening in the Semi-Finals.

International Broadcasts[]

Since 2007, the contest has gradually been made available to viewers outside New Cambria, beginning with Newfoundland in 2007 and expanding to include all of Atlantic Canada by 2009. Thus far, however, Canadian viewers have not had the right to vote in the contest, as only calls from valid New Cambria-based telephone numbers are counted. In 2010, the contest will be available to certain European viewers for the first time, albeit delayed due to differences in time zones. International locations where the contest will be screened are listed below:

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