The following lists events that took place in Georgeland during the year 2020.


State and District Leaders

State Governors



1 - Georgeland withdraws from the Commonwealth of Nations .

4 - A minor cabinet reshuffle takes place to fill the places of ministers whose terms had expired.

10 - 2019-20 Georgeland floods - Two are killed in rising flood waters near Minton, Bradmarch

26 - 2019-20 Georgeland floods - Two emergency services workers die in flood waters near Minton.

29 - Former Prime Minister of Georgeland Clare Price resigns from the House of Commons , precipitating a by-election to be held in March. 

31 - Peter Mackay resigns as Leader of the Liberal Democratic Party in Bradmarch and is replaced unopposed by his deputy, Jacqui Holt


3 - After a three-week ratification vote on a new constitution and confederation of various state-based parties affiliated with Vox, the party members agree to formally unite as a single federated party with a single leadership, to be elected on an interim based on 11 February and more formally in June. 

11 - Janet Gauss is elected as Interim Leader of Vox, and formally assumes the position of Leader of the Opposition. Her deputy leaders are Barbara Gauss-Walton and Franklin Jones


3 - Health Minister Yvonne Otway announces there have been two cases of novel coronavirus in Georgeland, both in Doubledance and both from people who have recently visited China

13 - The number of cases of COVID-19 in Georgeland rises to 74, after another 19 cases are reported, mostly in and around Santa Christina. The government of West Mainland declares a health emergency. 

14 - After ten attendees of a football game at Leyton Park Stadium test positive to the virus, theGeorgeland Football Association suspends the current season until further notice. 128 cases are now reported. East Mainland Conservative Senator Camille Heinrich tests positive for the coronavirus, following contact with a delegation of Italian business leaders. 

17 - Another 63 confirmed cases of Covid-19 brings the total to 284, with five reported deaths, all of people over 70. The Santa Christina City Council shuts down all public events while the governments of West Mainland and East Mainland announce schools will close until March 31. Six members of the Legislature of Scoita test positive for the virus, including two members of the government.  

18 - As confirmed cases reach 364, the government reveals more than 7,000 tests for Covid-19 have been conducted. The government confirms the upcoming presidential election will take place on 1 May as scheduled, but that the option to vote by mail will be extended to all voters, with ballot papers to be sent out to voters through online application. The incumbent president Campbell Rhodes along with his main competitors announce they will suspend campaigning for the duration of the pandemic, though Rhodes then hosts a Reddit AMA as rival Ross Golding does a televised interview. 

19 - Local Government minister Joan Hunter, a Senator from Delmago Island , dies in hospital after falling suddenly ill. She is confirmed to have died from complications arising from the Covid-19 virus. 

20 - The only hospital in Georgetown is severely damaged in a gas explosion, killing twelve people and injuring dozens. The hospital was caring for three victims of Covid-19, one of whom is killed in the accident. The state government of Delmago Island declares a state of emergency and all patients are airlifted to Lylecity, while a temporary army hospital is established. 

24 - The 1000th case of Covid-19 is confirmed. School closures are extended until the end of April, and schools are closed in Bradmarch, Delmago Island and Capitalia. The governments of West Mainland, East Mainland and Delmago Island announce shutdowns of most businesses and public spaces. 

26 - Long-serving West Mainland legislator Brian Haslam dies of complications relating to Covid-19, at the age of 72. His death comes as two members of the House of Commons, Rick Evans and Eamon Kirk, confirm they are self-isolating having come into contact with the virus from constituents. With more than 1200 cases nation-wide, President Campbell Rhodes declares a national state of emergency, the first in more than sixty years, as Prime Minister Tom Elderton begins forming a crisis cabinet to manage the pandemic. 

28 - Prime Minister Tom Elderton convenes a meeting of a new body, the Federal Pandemic Committee, consisting of himself, Opposition Leader Janet Gauss, the federal Minister for Health (Yvonne Otway), each state Minister for Health, FISIA chief Justine Loomis and FDRA chief Jacob Kane, the Director of the National Health Service (Ethan Kewell), the Surgeon-General (AVM Steve Franks), the Chair of the Drugs and Medical Administration (Lee Epping ) and the Chief Medical Officer (Michael Baggett)

30 - A full 'lockdown' is declared in West Mainland, Bradmarch, Delmago Island and Capitalia as 421 new cases of Covid-19 are reported. Public gatherings are limited to three people at a time, all nonessential services and businesses are closed, and schools are suspended. The Governor of Scoita, Andrea Williams , tests positive for Covid-19. 


1 - Lockdowns are declared in Capitalia, the Federal District, East Mainland and Scoita, making the entire country more-or-less shut down. Essential businesses remain open, public gatherings are extremely limited, and all events are cancelled. With 2000 cases reported and seventeen deaths, Prime Minister Tom Elderton declares the country "closed for business" in a televised address. Controversially, internal sea transport for essential means including shipping and commerce remains largely unrestricted, while all domestic and international air travel is suspended, excepting those conducted by the government and military. 

2 - The government announces a 75% wage subsidy for those left unemployed by or unable to be paid during the pandemic, and a 65% rental subsidy to compensate both landlords and tenants. The "coronavirus rescue" is estimated to cost around $37 billion and represents the largest-ever single government program in history. 

10 - The country reports its 3000th case of Covid-19 and its thirty-ninth death, but Health Minister Yvonne Otway declares that the government's shutdown of nonessential spaces is having an effect. Otway says the restrictions will be reviewed at the end of April, but could be expected to last until June. 

17 - Limited campaigning for the upcoming presidential election resumes, with all candidates agreeing to limit negative advertising and messaging, run only short advertisements on a few platforms, and hold a single debate via the internet, scheduled for 26 April. 

19 - The government of the Federal District announces the district election of 30 June will be held entirely by postal voting, a first for the country. 

21 - The Federal Pandemic Committee assumes Cabinet authority under the Disaster Response Act 2012, with its authority to be reviewed in May. It is the first time any non-Cabinet body has assumed its responsibilities. The invocation of the Act means the FPC can make government policy and advise the President as if it were Cabinet. 

26 - The first and only debate of the presidential campaign is held between Campbell Rhodes (IND), Ross Golding (VOX), Ken Romani (GAL), Luther Karamanlis (GRN), Nick Sheridan (RFF), Lisa Chan (CON), Brian Tuttle (IND) and Baozhai Zheng (IND). All eight candidates participate from their homes or offices, via satellite or internet. The Free Progressives and National Front are not part of the debate as they failed to qualify under the eligibility criteria. The debate is televised on the GBC. Audience reaction is mixed, but social media and commentary agrees Golding's performance to have been overly aggressive and even manic, with one journalist describing Golding's debate style as "catastrophically arrogant". It is generally agreed Rhodes, Romani, Sheridan and Karamanlis performed well. 

27 - President Campbell Rhodes' office announces he has been tested positive for Covid-19 despite having been self-isolated at Martin Hall for more than a month. The president's personal physician says it was probably contracted some weeks earlier from someone on the staff, and was asymptomatic until now. The president is reported to be unwell and bed-ridden, but not at risk and expected to recover within two weeks. 


1 - Georgeland presidential election, 2020

  • Incumbent President of Georgeland Campbell Rhodes is re-elected for a full four-year term, but with only 25% of the primary vote and with a turnout of just over 40%, the lowest-ever for any election in Georgeland.

11 - The Georgeland Football Association announces games will resume on 2 June, though without crowds until August. The 2020 GFA Cup will be resumed, beginning on 2 June, with the cup final, originally scheduled for 12 June, to now be held on 12 September. The announcement comes as the Pandemic Commission announces a timetable for the relaxation of social distancing and trading restrictions beginning on 18 June with a return to full operation by October. The 2020-21 GFA season, scheduled to begin in early November, will now begin in mid-December and run at a slightly accelerated schedule. 

12 - Martin Andre Wagner, 84, is sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Rebecca Amos in 1962, in the culmination of one of Georgeland's most infamous and long-running murder cases. 

18 - The Federal Pandemic Commission agrees to a staged return to trading for most businesses and a return to public gathering activities, with some smaller eateries to open after 1 June and larger outdoor groups permitted, but says pre-pandemic conditions may persist until October. 


7 - More than one million Georgelanders march and protest across the country in support of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, including the federal President, Campbell Rhodes, and several state leaders. The rallies are held despite the risk of Covid-19 and against police permission in several cities. In Santa Christina nineteen people are arrested and one protester severely injured in clashes with police, and in Doubledance two police officers are hospitalised for injuries sustained in the protest, though some reports indicate protesters were defending themselves.  The President's decision to march is criticised by some for violating the president's traditional political neutrality. He is the first sitting President ever to take part in a political protest. 

12 - The President of Georgeland issues a posthumous pardon for Toby Ricks, convicted in 1990 for the murder of Todd Ackerman. Ricks, who committed suicide in prison in 1995, was acknowledged by a coroner's report in 2017 to have been innocent of the murder, having been convicted due to police and jury bias. The pardon comes at the height of the Black Lives Matter movement, and Ricks is the first black Georgelander to have their murder conviction overturned posthumously, the result of almost thirty years of activism by Ricks' family and friends. 

16 - Rona Rhys replaces the deceased Joan Hunter as Senator for Delmago Island.  

17 - Janet Gauss is elected the first permanent leader of Vox, defeating Adrian Khan, Mary-Jane Epstein and Annette Wilson. In a party room meeting, Epstein and Barbara Gauss-Walton are elected Deputy Leaders. A new Shadow Cabinet will be announced before the end of the week. 

30 -


1 - Campbell Rhodes is inaugurated for a second term as President of Georgeland

3 -

  • Thieves break into a northern Doubledance bank and steal more than four million dollars worth of treasury bonds, cash and bullion. 
  • Belinda Yeo of Ita wins the Chesterfield by-election, delayed from March, giving them an additional MP in the House of Commons. 

17 - Florence Roberts, the federal Minister for the Environment , Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate and Leader of the Georgeland Alliance in the Senate, dies at the age of 46. Senator Roberts suffered cardiac arrest during a Zoom meeting with colleagues. The Prime Minister, Tom Elderton, declares a day of mourning and orders all flags to half-mast. 

21 - Jennifer Dugdale is re-elected as Head of Government of the Federal District by the Legislative Council . She will form a coalition government between the Liberal Democrats, Socialist Workers Party and Georgeland Alliance, with SWP leader Peter Tsau as her deputy. Meanwhile Reform's Jordan Willis is elected President of the Legislative Council; at 28, he is the youngest person ever to serve as the presiding officer of a Georgeland legislative body. 

23 - The Scoita Legislature passes the Electoral (Proportional Representation) Act, converting its single-member electorates into a mixed-member system, to take effect at the general election due in 2023. A proposal to create an upper house and create a bicameral legislature is defeated. The same bill officially renames the state legislature to the Legislative Assembly, effective immediately. 

28 - In a cabinet reshuffle prompted by the sudden death of Florence Roberts , Jo Harlend MP is appointed the federal Minister for the Environment. Andrew Taylor replaces Roberts as Leader of the Georgeland Alliance in the Senate and Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate , while Harland's former job of Minister for Innovation is filled by Alice Hicks


6 -

13 - The Legislature of Bradmarch appoints former fashion editor and designer Lucy Douglas to the Senate to replace Florence Roberts. Douglas will serve until the end of Roberts' term on 1 January 2023.

14 - Capitalia announces it has had zero Covid-19 cases for a month, becoming the first Georgeland island to be free of the pandemic. A gradual re-opening will take place over the coming weeks, but nonessential air travel and shipping will still be limited. 


8 - Laura Wong is appointed to the Senate to replace Lauren Hart. 

9 -

  • After eleven years at the head of the country's central bank, Barry Burmann retires as Governor of the Bank of Georgeland and is succeeded by his deputy, Mark Sommers
  • Long Island declares itself Covid-19-free after having had no new cases in a month. 

15 - Alyssa Freeman replaces Geoff Hulskamp as leader of Rally for Freedom in the Senate, as the party begins talks with other right-wing parties for an alliance in the lead-up to the 2022 election. 

19 - Zigit City wins the 2020 Georgeland Cup, the team's first Cup Final win. Zigit defeats Bonneville FC, a secondary division team, 4-1 in the final. Having finished 10th on the primary ladder and narrowly avoiding relegation, Zigit are the lowest-ranked team ever to win the Cup Final. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, limited crowd seating is available, so the match's attendance figure of 10,300 (in a 70,000 seat stadium) is the lowest on record for a cup final match. 

21 - Guy Pendergast challenges Tommy Pippins for leadership of the federal Conservative Party, losing by 28 votes to 17. 

23 - The National Front and Rally for Freedom agree to merge their two organisations into a new body, Freedom and Unity. Two Rally MPs and one Front Senator do not join the new party, which now has 9 MPs and 3 Senators. Brad Zimmerman is the parliamentary leader of the new party, which is immediately condemned by opponents as being a far-right organisation with ties to white supremacy groups, charges the party denies. 


10 - Lylecity FC win the Champion of Champions Cup , their sixth win and fourth in five years. 

15 - A pipe bomb attack on an Islamic community centre in Dannyburg kills six people and wounds more than 20. The three alleged bombers are captured by police after a two-hour siege. Police believe the attack was motivated by islamophobia as all three accused bombers have ties to white supremacist groups and one is believed to be the organiser for a far-right Facebook group. 

  • Attorney General Lisa Foster says far-right groups are organising and planning more attacks.
  • The National Front disavow the attacks as the planned merger between the NF and Rally for Freedom becomes unlikely. 
  • Prime Minister Tom Elderton addresses the nation, saying Georgeland will never give up its multicultural identity and that fear will not divide the country.

28 - East Mainland Governor Iain Burke resigns after only eighteen months in office due to a diagnosis of severe depression. The state's Chief Justice, David Arat, becomes Acting Governor for a second time pending a special election to be held early in 2021.


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