The following is a chronology of major events in Georgeland in 2021.


State and District Leaders

State Governors



  • 7 - Rally for Freedom leader Brad Zimmerman is stripped of committee assignments by the Speaker of the House of Commons after he endorses the activities of far-right insurgents in Washington DC, who stormed Congress in an effort to overturn Joe Biden's election as president.
  • 18 - The Legislature of Delmago Island increases its size to fourteen, with the additional member to be selected by voters of the island at-large. The change is designed to allow Maryanne Hislop, elected Chief Minister at the November election, to enter the legislature as she failed to win a seat.
  • 19 - The 2020-21 season of Georgeland's football competition begins, with an altered schedule to allow for a final in September, as opposed to May. The 2019-20 season was disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic which caused a three-month suspension of games. The 2021-22 season is also expected to be on an altered schedule, to allow a transition back to the standard October-May calendar.
  • 20 - ExoTek, the country's largest electronics manufacturer, goes into receivership as its board and CEO Damon Grough resign. The company had experienced negative growth for two financial years but is unable to compete with newer market entries from Japan, Australia and India.



  • 9 - Second-term Liberal Democrat MP Katy Lucas (Eggleton, Cap.) resigns after announcing she is suffering severe depression. Her resignation will trigger a by-election.
  • 19 - President Campbell Rhodes recuses himself from office and relinquishes presidential powers for 72 hours to the Governor of Capitalia, Stephen Potter, rather than sign the Immigration Reform (Border Protection) Act, a bill he opposed, which establishes a system of detention for asylum-seekers. Rhodes stands aside rather than veto the legislation, meaning while it will become law, it will not have his name attached to it. This is the first occasion on which a president has refused to sign a law passed by Parliament.
  • 20 - Governor Potter, as Acting President, signs the Act, enacting it into legislation.
  • 22 - Rhodes resumes presidential authority at noon.
  • 29 - The Anglican Archbishop of Bradmarch, and Primate of the Anglican Church in Georgeland, Most. Rev. Simon Bell, dies of a heart attack at the age of 65.
  • 30 - The government of Delmago Island announces a referendum on the island's constitutional status will take place on 9 July. Islanders will be asked to choose between becoming a federal territory, joining East Mainland, or remaining a state.


  • 16 - The Capitalia state election returns an inconclusive result, with no party winning more than 20% of the seats in the House of Assembly. Negotiations to form a government begin, but if no agreement can be reached before the writs are returned a new election may be held. At the simultaneous gubernatorial election, incumbent Governor Elaine Cooper is defeated for a second term by former Governor Stephen Chester.
  • 18 - Natalie Singh is elected as Leader of Vox in East Mainland, a position held on an interim basis by Emily Quincy. Singh will lead the party's election campaign and will seek election to the East Mainland legislature, while Quincy will contest as a candidate and minister.
  • 25 - After talks for a broader coalition fail, Nick Fielding is sworn in as Chief Minister of Capitalia, with the Conservatives and Rally for Freedom in a two-party minority government. Fielding, a Conservative, is the head of the junior party. The government will be tested when the House of Assembly meets on May 17 and may face a no-confidence motion.
  • 27 - The new Capitalia Minister for Pandemic Response, Adrian Bowman, issues a ministerial order to ban businesses from requiring customers to wear masks. The action may be challenged in court.
  • 28 - The Executive of the Conservative Party's Bradmarch branch votes 11-8 to disassociate itself from the Conservative Party of Georgeland and instead become a state-only party, the New Bradmarch Party. The move comes as dissatisfaction with the federal leadership grows and the party faces bankruptcy, as its Scoita counterpart had. The party's federal leader, Tommy Pippins, and deputy leader Russell Chambers are both from Bradmarch. The Conservative Caucus holds an emergency meeting votes 17-9 to allow both Pippins and Chambers to continue to take the Tory whip, allowing them to continue as party members, extending the same resolution to include the party's two Bradmarch senators. However, the decision means Pippins and Chambers may not be able to stand at the next election as Conservative candidates, and a new organisation may need to be registered there to allow them to continue.


  • 4 -Bradmarch Senator Linda Dunne, a Liberal Democrat who has been in the senate since 1995 and held several cabinet posts, announces her immediate resignation for family reasons.
  • 7 - Sarah-Anne Leech of the Georgeland Alliance wins the Eggleton by-election for the House of Commons.
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