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2022 German-Franco War
German-Franco War1.png
German soldiers entering Paris
Date April 28, 2022 - September 14, 2022
Location West Europe and Eastern Europe
Result Franco-Polish Victory
-The Loss of Eastern Germany to Poland
-The New Luxembourg Empire is Founded
-Germany Collapses Forming into the Rhineland
13th Republic of France
Polish Commonwealth (July 5, 2022)
Belgium-Luxembourg (June 12, 2022)
4th German Reich
Commanders and leaders
Flag of France.png President Yannick Jadot
General Lee
Flag of Belgium.png King Henri
4th Reich Flag.png Adolf Hitler Uunona
Flag of Netherlands.png King Willem-Alexander
228,000 Soldiers 174,000 Soldiers
Casualties and losses
507,600 Dead or Wounded
138,000 Captured
410,300 Dead or Wounded
98,000 Captured

The German-Franco War, also known as the Great European War, was a military conflict between April 28 and September 14, 2022. Initially only involving France and Germany, the Polish Commonwealth and Belgium-Luxembourg would join the French as a result of further German pushes, along with the Netherlands joining the Germans for similar reasons. With over 900,000 combined deaths, this war would become one of the largest in Mainland Europe since WW2. As a result thousands of post-war refugees would relocate to either to the Swedish Empire or the British Empire.

The reasons behind why the German's invaded France is a highly debated field, but the two most popular theories are that Adolf Hitler Uunona wanted his Argentinean Grandparents to be able to return to Germany without French prosecution or he really hated the French President Yannick Jadot.


Russo-Ukraine War


Collapse of the European Union


Adolf Hitler Uunona's Election

The election of Adolf Hitler was seen by many with much fraudulence, yet he would still withstand his seat in the government. After starting campaigning in the July of 2020 under the NDP, Hitler would rise to fame. Hitler, by election time, would grow his followers to the point of winning the following election. However much speculation surrounds this ordeal, with many believing that Hitler payed for extra votes. Whatever the case may be, he would still rise to become the leading figure of Germany.

Although his rise to power in Germany, many are speculative on why he left the SWAPO party in Namibia and leave to Germany. One explanation many have come onto is that Hitler has Argentinean Grandparents who wanted to come back to their homeland. To allow his Grandparents to return back into Germany, Hitler decided to leave everything behind in Namibia, and Hitler became a politician in Germany to pardon his Grandparents and let them back in.

Course of the War

Initial German Push(April-May)

On 28 April, 2022 Germany invaded France under the pretense that France was going to invade them, which was largely true due to France being upset about Hitler letting his Argentinean grandparents back to Germany.

General Lee's Encirclement of the German Army(May)


German and Netherlands Invasion of Belgium-Luxembourg(June)


Second Push Towards France(June-July)


The Polish Plumbers Liberation Movement(July)


German Collapse(July)