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The 20 Greatest Georgelanders was a Georgeland television special broadcast on October 25, 2004 on GTV. The program, hosted by John Tyne and Melissa Hobbes, counted down the twenty greatest Georgelanders, as voted by a phone-in and internet poll. 54,393 responses were recorded. The program was the most-watched program of 2004.

Rules for Nomination[]

Candidates could only be nominated if they were deceased. They were also only eligible if they had been either a Georgeland citizen or a resident of the country prior to 1929 (when citizenship was introduced).


  • Charlton Robards received enough votes to be placed on the list, but was disqualified by means of being still alive when the vote was taken. Had his votes been counted, he would have ranked #15.
  • Susan O'Byrne would have ranked #20 had her votes been counted (O'Byrne was still alive at the time).
  • Scientist Patrick O'Healey was disqualifed for not being a Georgeland citizen (he was actually Irish). O'Healey's disqualification was seen as unfair by many, as he lived the majority of his adult life in Scoita. Had O'Healey not been disqualifed, he would have ranked #7 on the list.

The List[]

  1. Victor Martin
  2. Peter MacLachlan
  3. Sir Richard McKay
  4. Olga Humphries
  5. Fenton Thomas
  6. George Garretty
  7. Richard Read
  8. Edith Bowler
  9. George Carnell
  10. Alexander Wilson
  11. Norman Trafford
  12. Clara Hudson
  13. Noel Quarton
  14. Dame Charlotte Paddington
  15. Clarissa Rogers
  16. Sir Robert Pearce
  17. Ben Cates
  18. Roger Gantry
  19. Arthur Roper and Fred Barrow
  20. Mike Collins