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The 8th Annual Federal Assembly of States is the eighth State of the Union assembly of Everetti government officials which took place on July 5th, 2010 in Washington DC at the old United States Capitol Building. The 8th Assembly discussed matters of economic reform, national war time defense and human and civil rights security. The Assembly began at 12:00 noon on July 5th, started with the President's annual State of the Union speech, followed by proposals of new laws, amendments and regulations and the voting of these amendments. Major matters to be discussed involve and affect the entire nation as a whole and include the Economic Reformation Act and Civil Rights Security Act.

8th State of the Union Speech

Kaitlyn Rachel Spencer (President of the Union of Everett): "


  • Iran
  • War On Terrorism/Lockerbie Bomber Release
  • Lockerbie Bomber Killing
  • 2009 Invasion of Somalia

Foreign Relations

  • Iran
  • Libya
  • Cuba


  • NASA Mars Landing Mission

National Security

  • Mexico Plane Highjacking/Airline Security
  • Swine Flu Outbreak/President Infection

Civil Rights

  • G20 Protests/Civil Rights
  • 20th Amendment/Right to Self Defense


  • 2010 Haiti Earthquake
  • 2010 Chile Earthquake/GLF First Response

State of the Union

  • Hawaii
  • Minnesota

Laws & Amendments

  • Economic Reformation Act: A federal law that restores Everetti economic policy to pre-Reagan administration era policies, strengthening regulations on corporations and banks, restricting newer banking methods and policies that led to the economic crises in North America and places stricter pressure on corporations and banks to cease wasteful operations and activities and reduce corporate corruption. This law also paves the way to the reform and massive changes to the stock market system which also led to the economic crisis around the globe. This law was passed by a slim majority.
  • Civil Rights Security Act: The Civil & Human Rights Security Act is a law passed during the 8th Federal Assembly declaring the following rights as inviolable at any time and no law or decision, bill or proposal in the future by anyone or government shall undo, remove, alter, abolish or destroy these stated rights: Constitutional Bill of Rights and following Amendments (Amendments I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XIII, XIV, XV, XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX), ENDA, Internet Rights Act (Net Neutrality), Privacy Security Act, Phoebe's Law, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other laws confirming or securing the nation's basic laws and policies in regards to Life, Liberty, Equality, Justice and the Pursuit of Happiness.
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