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ABAS-30(Sea Killer)
Place of origin Antarctica,Zastavakk
Manufacturerth> ABAS MC,ABAS C
First flight 11 April,1990
Status In Service
Number built 61(as of 1998)
Primary user Air Antar
Program cost US$5 billions dollar
Unit cost US$25 million (1998 est.)
Introduction 29 February 1995-1998
Type Fighter-Bomber

Is first Antarctican own aircraft produced only of ABAS millitary construction for Antar Navy to aircraft carrier US-Hastzell 35B about 61 modles to be fighter and bomber aircraft and aircraft is fourth generation but this project is canceled in 1998 after Antarctica start produced better Su-30MKH for aircraft carriers but biggest aircrafts licensed from Russia.Today Antar Navy operated with 56 models 2 are destroyed in First South African War and 3 in Newland War.This aircraft are constructed most to be bomber aircraft more than fighter.