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ABN Network News is the title given to news bulletin broadcast on the Aushovia Broadcasting Network's ABN1 Channel. Although they are produced by staff at ABN News Channel, they generally operate quite independently. The main broadcast ABN Nightly News with Sarah Clarkson airs at 6pm each weeknight. Other bulletins produced include ABN Morning News, ABN Lunchtime News, ABN Weekend News and various ABN News Digest editions. Currently, the ABN Nightly News with Sarah Clarkson is the highest rating news program in Aushovia.

ABN Nightly News[]


The ABN Nightly news was the first program to air on ABN in 1959. It was anchored by former Radio announced Richard Faulkner. Faulkner presented until 1976 when he retired and was replaced by long time ABN correspondent Brian McCully was named as anchor. McCully became famous for taking the broadcast on the road when big news stories broke either domestically, or on occasions, internationally. One of his produest moments was broadcasting from Berlin the day the Berlin Wall came down. In 1994, McCully learned that his wife was suffering bone cancer and resigned from ABN to concentrate on caring for her. He insisted that his long time understudy Alan Burgess be given the job as anchor, and that wish was granted by producers. Burgess anchored the program for the next 5 years solo, and even won a Gold RSB (Royal Society for Broadcasting) Award. In 2000, ABN relaunched the Nightly News as a one hour bulletin. Impressed with his summer fill-in anchor and her covering of the turn of the millenium, Burgess insisted that Sarah Clarkson become his co-anchor. While ABN hyped up the appointment, insiders knew it was due to Burgess' desire to work a light load, a wish that was granted when he moved to ITVN in 2002. Sarah Clarkson now anchors the bulletin solo weeknight at 6pm. Regular fill-in presenters include Michael Smithers, Nichola Hennesey, Jason Jackson or Emma Throsby.

ABN Morning News[]


The ABN Morning News airs at 5:30am to 6am weekday mornings and is anchord by Jonothan Chen. The bulletin began in 1999 and was originally hosted by Nichola Hennesey who moved to the Today show in 2002.

ABN Lunctime News[]


The Lunchtime News usually airs at 12:30pm until 1pm weekdays. It began in 1991 and was hosted by then Today Show news presenter Geri Andrews. Lucy Knox took over in 1994 and presented until she moved to U-TV in 1999. Michael Smithers moved from 20/20 to anchor the program but took a year off in 2004 to fill in for Sarah Clarkson's during her maternity leave.

ABN Weekend News[]


ABN Weekend News is a half hour bulletin which usually airs around 6:30pm on weekends, depending on sports coverage. It is currenty anchord by Jason Jackson.

ABN News Digest[]


News Digest airs at various times during the day and the evening, it is anchored by various correspondents and anchors.