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ACVC(Antarctican Cars and Vechile Company)
Type Statutory Corporation
Founded 24 March 1971
Owner State
Key People Goustin Klauss
Headquarters ACVC Tower
Atlantic City
Area served Antarctica
Production output 5,876,243
Industry Vehicle Industry
Products Automobiles,Trucks,Buses and other vehicle
Revenue Green Arrow Up Darker US$ 146.361 billion
Profit Green Arrow Up Darker US$ 9.361 billion
Employees 271,846 (2006)

ACVC Motor Corporation commonly known simply as ACVC, is a national corporation headquartered in Atlantic City and the Antarctica's largest automaker. At its peak, ACVC employed approximately 270,000 people in Antarctica.

The company was founded by the state in 1971 to create automobiles. Three years earlier, in 1968, while still a department of ACVC Industries, it created its first product, the Type H engine, and, in 1971, its first passenger car, the ACVC Hasley jeep.

ACVC has major offices in Atlantic City, Molbridge and in Saritanum. In addition to manufacturing automobiles, ACVC provides financial services through its division ACVC Financial Services and also builds robots. Today ACVC has 86 factories in Antarctica and builds vehicles only for sale in Antarctica. They have an estimated average growth in production of 16% per year and annual profit of 2.5 billion dollars, one of the most profitable companies in Antarctica.


1. ACVC Hasley

2. ACVC Continental

3. ACVC Lermur

4. ACVC Soprahn

5. ACVC Magnuss

6. ACVC Detron

7. ACVC Morton

8. ACVC Mixer

9. ACVC Kampus

10.ACVC Rodger

11.ACVC Hodger

12.ACVC Jaguar

13.ACVC Mounter

Acvc f

ACVC Factory