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is a city in GREENWORLD, AENDOR. The city is rich in neutronium, a key element in genta technology. This was one of the primary reasons the genta chose this as the city on which to rebuild their civilization.




Several years into the GENTA war against the ZENTAI, DEEP-VORTEX discovered the android BLAST, who had created the first generation of ZENTAI as "toys", on an abandoned planet whose civilization had been destroyed. DEEP-VORTEX were able to use the android to call all ZENTAI in the known universe to the TOWN GENDOR, originally an important GENTA colony. The ZENTAI on the planet were eventually trapped inside a time dilation field, which should have given the GENTA years to solve the problem.

However, GENTA scientists calculated it would only take little over a year for the ZENTAI to escape, and the GENTA were forced to evacuate their original homeworld, WENDOR, to AENDOR, while destroying [GENDOR]], and WENDOR with it, with a black hole. The consciousnesses of most GENTA citizens were stored into the databases of the evacuation fleet, waiting to be downloaded into new cloned bodies upon arrival.

The neutronium which made the GENTA originally chose AENDOR however, was also necessary for the construction of human-form ZENTAI, like MITCH, and thus made it a prime target of the ZENTAI after they escaped their time-dilation prison, one and a half years later. The ZENTAI, commanded by MITCH, captured MAX, and set his ship, which consisted entirely of ZENTA DNA blocks, on course to AENDOR. Unable to again evacuate the planet after the stored consciousnesses had been downloaded into new bodies, the GENTA positioned six FIRE-TRI-class battleships in orbit of AENDOR to try to destroy the ZENTAI ship immediately after it emerged from hyperspace.

Their plan was successful, but MITCH and MAX were transported to the planet before the ship was destroyed, while countless ZENTAI blocks from the destroyed ship rained down on the CITY. There, they started to mine the neutronium to build more human-form ZENTAI. The remaining members of DEEP-VORETX, who had recently discovered a new weapon to use against the ZENTAI, were transported by the GENTA to the planet to stop the ZENTAI, while NERDALINGA was constructing a larger version of the weapon that would destroy all ZENTAI on the planet. Eventually, the weapon was able to destroy the ZENTAI on the planet, and the GENTA were finally able to rebuild their civilization on their new homeworld.


Area (rank) 2,187.08 km² (45th)

% water 1.0%

Population 12,790,000

Density 5796 /km²