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ARCHER Artillery System
BOFORS Archer 01.jpg
A deployed Archer
Type wikipedia:Self-propelled artillery
Place of origin Kalmar Union
Production history
Designed 1995
Weight 30 t
Length Overall: 14.1 m
Gun barrel: 8.6 m
Width Overall: 3.0 m
Height {3.3-3.9 m
Crew 3-4 (Commander, driver, 1-2 operators)

FH 77 derived 155-mm/52-calibre howitzer
Saab Dynamics Remote weapon system
Engine Diesel/Hidrogen Fuel Cell
340-400 hp
Suspension 6×6 Independent suspension
600 km
Speed 85 km/h

Archer is a modern artillery gun system that can be utilised across the full spectrum of conflict. Its reliability, high degree of survivability, significant range of effects and precision engagement provides the users with an entirely new type of indirect fire capability. Archer, together with an extensive ammunition portfolio, brings the artillery onto the international arena. An autonomous gun like Archer can operate independently on the fragmented battlefield and cope with a variety of threats.

The system requires minimum manpower operation. One person can do the work alone, but in order to achieve the maximum effect of the system, three operators are recommended. When sitting inside the cabin the gun crew is protected from splinter, mines, NBC and the gun’s emergent properties like noise and pressure.

Unlike many other artillery gun systems the Archer crew is separated entirely from the armament and the ammunition. They do not have to leave the protected cabin when operating the system – except for maintenance. These features considerably increase the crew survivability.

It is designed and manufactured by AB BOFORS of Kalmar Union.


• Good all-terrain mobility

• Transportable by rail, sea and air

• Excellent protection

• Great weapon capability due to range, precision and methods

• Interoperable with western artillery standards

• Very low operational and maintenance cost

Other Specifications

  • Rate of fire: 8-9 rounds/min with MRSI (Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact) capability, which means that several shells are released in succession but hit the target simultaneously.
  • Range (of artillery fire): 30 km with standard shells, 40 km with base-bleed
  • Protection level: 7.62 AP, Mines 6 kg (Level 2 STANAG 4569)
  • Emergency driving: all wheels - emergency driving equipment makes it possible to drive with all wheels punctured; it also provides greater protection if the vehicle hits a blast-pressure mine.