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The Federal Republic of Denmark is divided up into administrative divisons, known as states. Each state has it's own government and capitol city. There are 5 states in Denmark. Each state is divided in to municipalities (108 in total). The state has a certain amount of authority and the state governments can pass laws on issues such as Health and social issues and infrastructure. The states are run by the Statesgovernments with the statesministers as leaders.


State Capital Statesminister
Flag of Zeeland Zeeland Copenhagen Frank Jensen
Flag of Funen Funen Odense Anker Boye
Flag of Jutland Jutland Aarhus Nicolai Wammen
Flag of Greenland Greenland Nuuk Kuupik Kleist
Flag of Faroe Islands Faeroe Islands Tórshavn Jóannes Eidesgaard