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Map of Aeirika
Adjectives Aeirikan, Kyorik, Kyoran
Year System
 - Kardic Norethan
 - Kardic Sorethan
 - Western

Dominant Religion Serdarvian

Aeirika is the second largest planet orbiting it's sun, Aeia, the only sun in the Aeir Realm. It is the second largest in diameter, and largest in water percentage.

Being the more diverse of the three Aeiran planets, multiple sapient beings can be found here, including humans, elves and aeirians. There are also multiple semi-sentient humanoid creatures on the planet, such as multiple species of goblins, trolls, and giants. Since over half of the planet is water, the amount of marine lifeforms is amazing. Nonetheless there are just as many land, flying, and incorporeal creatures.

Aeirika has one moon, Theyya. This satellite has a moderately thick atmosphere, and can be travelled to via Intrarealm Tunnels (IRT). There are few structure on it's surface, mainly labratories and IRT Gateways.

World History[]

Aeirika was created along with it's star by an unknown force around 10,000,000 BCA. Aeirians were created susequently to watch over the planet.

Ensuing the arrival of realm elves, the earliest records of human civilization have been found in Kardic Majora dating back to 500,000 BCA. Ruins have been subsequently found in Kardic Minora, and Kardic Soretha.

Circa 499,600 BCA, records state that the Aporis Empire emerged around this time. The name of their empire came from the Aporis Mountains, where their earliest cities where located. Their capital was Apridea, a paleopolis, which is an ancient city that is still alive in modern times.


Theyya is the moon of Aeirika. It has a moderate atmosphere, with an average amount of oxygen, making it possible for a small amount of life to flourish around the equator.

Theyya's geography mostly craters and valleys, with few mountains. the largest valley is Enrik Abyss, which streches across half of the globe.

Most of the life on Theyya is water-based, with large and small patches of water in the habitable areas. The fauna and flora is very similar to Aeirikan life. Some of the plants and animals on the far side, though, are extremely exotic and alien, even for Aeirika. Some of these creatures include the Sordin, a strange type of landfish and the moon herb, which is a bioluminescent air-based plant that can only be found on the underside of overhangs and in large caverns.


The diversity of fauna on Aeirika is amazing and exotic. There are many different types of animals, including semi-sentient humanoids such as goblins, trolls, and giants. There are also many other strange hybrids of creatures, such as the amphibous sea-troll and the hippocean, and the flying hippogriff.

The flora is equally strange, with an odd assortment of trees, flowers, herbs, and other plants, such as the whirlpool tree, and the grabbing herb.