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There are several belief in Aerosea:

  • Ramashic
    • Ramashic is the majority belief of Aerosea, held by the Rovayan, Qatalamaisam amd Ismathian. Half of Panaysian especially the Tigers have Ramashic as their belief. Ramashic started from a Quaint port in (...) (present day (...) ) spread by The warrior prophet, Yaham
  • Panani
    • Panani is the belief held by the Continent-Island Panaysian, it is an extremely environmentalist animism.
  • ...
    • ... is a polytheistic belief held by the race of the north, Tyskarrian, Sapatjeszian and Setsääarian have this as their main belief.
  • Native Qatlamaisa
    • Qatlamaisan, embraces ramashic thansk to Rovayan collonialism of the past, the Native Qatlamaisan belief, true to its race, are very diverse and differ from one islands to islands.
  • Thaerangtha
    • Thaerangtha is the Pantheistic belief of Chaengkian.