African Union
Arabic: الاتحاد الأفريقي
French: Union africaine
Portuguese: União Africana
Spanish: Unión Africana
Swahili: Umoja wa Afrika
Flag of the African Union Emblem of the African Union
Flag of the African Union Seal of the African Union
AU Map
Map of the African Union
Motto: N/A
Administrative Centers.
Defiance, Huria
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Midrand, South Africa
Largest City. Cairo, Egypt
Official languages Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili
- Chairperson
World Government
Benjamin Williams (Hurian Federation)
Formation: 25 May 1963
Affiliated Organizations: None

The African Union is a political, military, and economic alliance of the all the nations in Africa, deticated to eraticating poverty, war, and hunger from the continent. The union is made up of 49 nations (Morocco was bullied into the union). The headquarters of the AU is located in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Currently, however, a new city is planned to be constructed to serve as the AU's permanent headquarters. The alliance is tasked with developing member nations to become viable economic centers that can sustain themselves overtime, and keep the peace in their countries. The AU has been involved in peacekeeping missions in Somalia and the Democractic Republic of the Congo, and has been very successful in battling rebel forces such as Al-Shabaab in recent years. Currently, the AU has been active in rebuilding war-torn countries such as Sirre Leone and Liberia, and the progress there has been somewhat successful.



Current Issues

Regional Conflicts & Military Interventions

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