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Air Heigard
Air Heigard
Founded 1922
Hubs Grandville International Airport
Charleroi-Thibault Airport
Frequent flyer program AirPass
Member lounge Salon d'Or Lounge
Deluxe Lounge
SkyTeam Lounge
Alliance SkyTeam
Subsidiaries NationAir
Fleet size 72 (9 orders)
Destinations 90 (incl. subsidiaries)
Company slogan "Let's go to the limit!" ("Portons à la limite !", "¡Vamos al límite!")
Headquarters Creburg, Heigard
Key people Marc Mousseau(CEO)

Air Heigard is the national airline of Heigard, headquartered in the Galouzeau arrondissement in Creburg. It's one of the oldest continuously operating airlines in the world. Air Heigard serves currently 5 destinations throughout Heigard and 85 worldwide. Its global hub is located at the Grandville International Airport and the secondary hub in the Charleroi-Thibault Airport.

The airline joined SkyTeam in 2001.


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Air Heigard is a full service global airline and flies to 6 destinations within Heigard and international destinations in 60 countries worldwide in all 6 major continents. This includes Air Heigard Cargo service and the destinations served by franchise NationAir.

International flights of Air Heigard are centered in the Creburg Grandville Airport. Air Heigard has a strong presence in the Creburg Peter Merzilliger and the Charleroi-Thibault airports.

Cabin classes[]

Air Heigard has three primary classes of cabins for international service: Étoile (First), Affaires (Bussiness) and Voyageur.

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