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  • Mitsubishi F-25X Starhawk/F-27X Hikari Fighter (East Asian Federation): Heavily modified stealth Mitsubishi F-2 fighter. Utilizes RCS reducing technology and special coatings to maximize radar stealth. F-27X Hikari variant is space-capable.
  • Mitsubishi S-1000 Leviathan (East Asian Federation): Aerial Aircraft Carrier and forward command platform, capable of carrying up to 36 aircraft and deploying behind enemy lines. Fully capable battle platform, carries anti-aircraft missiles and Tonbo Drones.
  • KAI Chamsae (East Asian Federation): Ground attack aerodyne; Primarily used in an anti-armor role, but has limited anti-infantry ability as well. Equipped with advanced ECM systems.



East Asian Federation

Airline Commenced Operations Fleet Size Headquarters
Air Koryo 1954 187 Saikyo
All Nippon Airways 1952 214 Tokyo
China Airlines 1959 86 Dayuan, Taoyuan
EVA Air 1989 55 Lujhu, Taoyuan
Japan Airlines 1951 270 Tokyo
Korean Air 1939 191 Seoul

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