Ciudad de Alentilla
City of Alentilla
Nickname(s): The Original City of Alentilla
Anthem: Paz de Alentilla
Country Alentilla
Province Alentilla Province
District Alentilla City District
Town 1500
City 1720
 - Type Mayor-council
 - Mayor Helena Sandoval (PD)
 - Deputy Mayor Ruben del Mar
Population 21,570
 - Urban 11,340
 - Metro 10,230

Alentilla City, is the capital city of Alentilla and the regional seat of Northern Alentilla. It was a capital city of Alentillan First Republic and it was a capital of Empire of Alentilla from 1909 to 1940. And it became again a capital city during Rayos administration until present. This city is the 3rd most populous city after Tefezaroca and Lazre. It borders north of Viscaya west of Sta. Josefina del Prado and south of the town of Belen.



It was founded in 1500 and it was named as Aletyu from the name of the same tribe founded by the Duru Remenayu, the well known leader of the tribe.

Spanish colonization


Present day


Commerce and trade 

The prominent retail stores in the city are Buenas Emporium, Gracia Shopping Center, Plata Supermsrket, and other smaller stores. The major shoppings malls in Alentilla such as La Plaza Mall and Sta. Barbara Mall are located here in the city. The famous fastfood chains in the counrty are also here especially the such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Jollibee, Shakey's, Wendy's, Mejores, Delicioso, Fresca,and other smaller fastfood chains.





The 35 barrios of Alentilla City is arranged according to the 3 administrative barrio districts:

Coastal District (Distrito Costero):

  • Carmen Costero
  • Carmen del Norte
  • Carmen del Sur
  • Carmen Oriental
  • Ciudad Central 4
  • Ciudad Central 5
  • Govierno
  • Magbantay
  • Puerto Central-Mercado
  • Puerto Central-Oro
  • Puerto Central-Sardinas
  • Sta. Crruz

Northern District (Distrito Norte):

  • Asuncion del Norte
  • Asuncion del Sur
  • Cudad Central 1
  • Ciudad Central 2
  • Ciudad Central 3
  • Jacinto
  • La Fortuna
  • Rio Norte 1
  • Rio Norte 2
  • Santa Barbara Occidental
  • Santa Barbara Oriental

Southern District (Distrito Sur):

  • Buenavista
  • Escalante
  • Mukeyir
  • Nueva Ilocos-Buenos
  • Nueva Ilocos-Grande
  • Poron
  • Rio Sur 1
  • Rio Sur 2
  • Rizal
  • Tabo
  • Valencia del Norte
  • Valencia del Sur
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