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Alestar Gahes (born 562 CE, died 597 CE) was a celtic settler who, with a group of followers, founded the city of Zazabe within the Kingdom of Derho, which is now the largest city in Derhaland. Alestar was born to currently unknown parents sometime in the year 562 in a city along the Zazabe River (today it is thought it was Reinas). He quickly became a local leader and soon led an expedition to found a new city further down the river. He discovered an excellent spot with plentiful natural resources and flat ground and built a town in 589 CE, it soon became a big center of trade on the island and its population skyrocketed to hold over 5,000 people at 595 CE. Alestar died after catching pneumonia in 597 CE. His tomb can still be found in the cemetery that has been there since 596 CE. However, there is evidence that his grave was robbed. Still, his legacy remains great to many Derhish people and is a national idol.

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