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Alice Regina Macaulay (nee Terry) (b. February 1, 1965) is the wife of current Georgeland Prime Minister Luke Macaulay.
Mrs. Macaulay met her husband while studying at the University of Santa Christina in 1983, where she studied law. They became friends but did not pursue a relationship at the time. In 1987, Macaulay graduated and began working as a solicitor in Emilypolis. She continued her friendship with Macaulay and they began dating in 1990. They were married in 1994 after living together for eighteen months.
The couple's first child, Gerard, was born in 1996. This was followed by a daughter, Gwen, in 1999.
Alice Macaulay continues to practice law as a barrister. Until 2007 she worked for the Emilypolis law firm of Sweeney Macmillan, but when her husband was elected Prime Minister, she was offered a partnership in a Topstad law firm. That firm is now called Alfirth, Todd and Macaulay and specialises in property law.
Alice Macaulay is, like her husband, a close friend of former Prime Minister Charlton Robards and the two talk often. She is considered to be somewhat apolitical, and has never spoken out on political issues, save to tell reporters she was proud to vote for her husband.