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Allied Revolutionary War
Date 10 May 2010 - 31 May 2010
Location Allied States of America
Result Major government victory
File:Flag of American Fascist Alliance.svg American Fascist Alliance File:Flag of the Allied States of America.svg Allied States of America
Commanders and leaders
Flag of American Fascist Alliance Logan Coelho Flag of the Allied States of America Mark O'Connor
~1,500 rebels 20,000 National Guardsmen and Army infantry
Casualties and losses
612 dead 145 dead
322 injured

The 2010 Uprisings (Allied Revolutionary War by the IFF) was a rebellion which took place within the Allied States of America between the Allied States government and the American Fascist Alliance. It began with the Dallas Uprising, a rebellion taking place in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The conflict however did not make a large enough impact on the Allied States to be classified as a full scale rebellion, but rather a minor insurgency. The war led to the banishment of the International Fascist Federation.


  • 10 May: Dallas Uprising - The AFA, along with the IFF begin small uprisings in Dallas.
  • 16 May: Houston Uprising - Elements of the AFA start minor attacks in the Houston area.
    • The National Guard in Houston, which was more prepared for an attack, deployes in minutes, and quickly crushes the AFA in Houston in less than a day.
  • 20 May: The Allied States Air Force is put on standby, as the government suspects a foreign government is looking to assist the AFA efforts.
  • 29 May: The Battle of the Jemez begins near Santa Fe.
  • 31 May: The Battle of the Jemez is completed with a clear Allied victory. Remaining fascists enter Colorado, and reintegrate with the general civilian populous.

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