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Department of the Army
Allied States Army
Allied States Army Logo
Seal of the Army.
Flag of the Allied States Army
Flag of the Army.
Founded 2007
Country Allied States
Branch Army
Type Ground forces
Size 650,000 active personnel
Part of Allied States Military - Allied States Department of Defense
Headquarters Defense Building, New Bay City, Texas
Nickname The Phoenix
Colors Dark green, desert yellow, gold
Mascot Phoenix
Chief of Army Staff General Kent Nobleman
Vice Chief of Army Staff General Cody Cruise
Sergeant Major of the Army Sergeant Major Preston Worth
General Ricardo Black

The Allied States Army (ASAR) is the branch of the Allied States Military responsible for land based military operations. It is the largest established branch of the A.S. Military. The primary mission of the Army is to "defend the Allied States of America and her allies by any and all means, hostile or diplomatic." The Department of the Army administrates and controls the Army, one of the three military departments of the Department of Defense. The civilian head is the Secretary of the Army and the highest ranking military officer in the department is the Chief of Army Staff, unless the Chairman of the Alliance High Command or Vice Chairman of the Alliance High Command are Army officers. The "Army National Guard" no longer exists and is a fully integrated part of the National Guard. The Allied States Air Force was also later reformed and merged into the Army, as the Allied States Army Air Corps, however was finally merged with the Navy as the Naval Air Corps in January 2012. The Allied States Army was formed in early 2007.


Main Article(s): List of active duty generals in the Allied States Military

The Army High Command (HIGHCOM) is made up of the Secretary of the Army, the Deputy Secretary of the Army, the Army Chief of Staff, and the Army Vice Chief of Staff.

Army commands and army service component commands[]

Army commands and army service component commands are the administrative departments of the Allied States Army, but are still controlled by military officials.

Command Departments Commander(s) Headquarters
Army High Command (HIGHCOM) Secretary Roger Pace
Deputy Secretary Sean Luckey
General Kent Nobleman
General Cody Cruise
Defense Building, New Bay City, Texas
Army Lower Command (LOWCOM) General Blair Lee
General Lukas Wagner
General Lee Brown
Camp Mabry, Texas
Direct Reporting Units Commander(s) Headquarters
Army Cyber Command (CYCOM) Major General Jennifer Napper Fort Huachuca, Apache State
Army Field Intelligence Command (INTCOM) General Lee Brown Fort Huachuca, Apache State
Army Criminal Investigation Command (CRIMICOM) Vacant Defense Building, New Bay City, Texas
Army Corps of Engineers (ENGICORE) Major General Robert Lama Camp Williston, San Andreas
Army Training Command (TRAINCOM) Brigadier General Quieten Leddworth Fort Irwin & the National Training Center, San Andreas
Army Installation Command (INSCOM) Lieutenant General Rick Lynch Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas


Name Commander(s) Subunits
Allied States 1st Army Lieutenant General Sherman Benedikt 100th Infantry Brigade
101st Infantry Brigade
102nd Infantry Brigade
103rd Field Artillery Regiment
Allied States 2nd Army Lieutenant General Leonid Hamm 200th Field Artillery Regiment
201st Field Artillery Regiment
202nd Infantry Brigade
Allied States 3rd Army Lieutenant General Jose Bravo 300th Infantry Brigade
301st Infantry Brigade
302nd Infantry Brigade
Allied States 4th Army Lieutenant General Omar Mubarak 400th Stryker Regiment
401st Stryker Regiment
402nd Stryker Regiment
403rd Stryker Regiment
404th Recon Battalion
405th Field Artillery Regiment
406th Logistics, Intelligence, and Engineer Division
Allied States 5th Army Major General Brad Gibbs 500th Infantry Brigade
501st Stryker Regiment
502nd Field Artillery Regiment
Allied States 6th Army General John Pruvo 600th Infantry Brigade
601st Infantry Brigade
602rd Recon Battalion
603th Logistics, Intelligence, and Engineer Division
604th Tank Battalion
Allied States 7th Army Lieutenant General Michael Shepherd 700th Infantry Brigade
701st Infantry Brigade
702nd Infantry Brigades
703rd Tank Battalion
704th Stryker Regiment
705th Stryker Regiment
Allied States 8th Army General Ricardo Black 800th Infantry Brigade
801st Infantry Brigades
802rd Logistics, Intelligence, and Engineer Division
Allied States 9th Army Major General Edward Clawson 900th Infantry Brigade
901st Infantry Brigade
902rd Field Artillery Regiment
903th Tank Battalion
Allied States 10th Army General Carl Johnson
1st Marine Division* General Mike Madison 1st Marine Expeditionary Unit
3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit
2nd Marine Division* Major General Carlos Mendoza 2nd Marine Expeditionary Unit
4th Marine Expeditionary Unit

*Each Marine Expeditionary Unit is assigned to one of the four Navy fleets.

Special Operations Command[]

The Allied States Army has only four "special operations" divisions. The Ranger Regiment is an elite airborne regiment which specializes in direct assaults, usually raids on high value targets. The Allied States Army Special Forces specializes in unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, hostage rescue, and counter-terrorism, usually clandestine operations on behalf of the Bureau of State Security (formerly CIA). Delta Force usually operates alongside the Navy while doing rapid foreign deployment on snatch-and-grab operations. They also specialize heavily in recon.

The Allied States is the only county in the world which manufactures human clones. All 1,000,000 plus clones are part of the 1st Operational Clone Army Region, which, itself, is divided into its own formations and divisions. All clones are currently kept at the North Las Vegas Clone Army Base while Senate votes on clone rights in the country.

Name Headquarters Structure and purpose
Allied States Army Special Forces Fort Hood, Texas Four active groups capable of unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, special reconnaissance, direct action, and counter-terrorism.
The Ranger Regiment Fort Hood, Texas Four battalions of elite airborne infantry specializing in direct action raids.
Special Operations Group - Delta Force Fort Hood, Texas Elite special operations and counter-terrorism unit.
1st Operational Clone Army Region North Las Vegas Clone Army Base, San Andreas The Army's only clone division, consisting of over 1,000,000 troops.


Insignia File:Pvt Insignia (ASAR).png File:PFC Insignia (ASAR).png File:Cpl Insignia (ASAR).png File:FCpl Insignia (ASAR).png File:SSgt Insignia (ASAR).png File:SgtM Insignia (ASAR).png File:SgtMA Insignia (ASAR).png File:SLt Insignia (ASAR).png
Title Private Private First Class Corporal First Corporal Staff Sergeant Sergeant Major Sergeant Major of the Army Second Lieutenant
Insignia File:FLt Insignia (ASAR).png File:Cpt Insignia (ASAR).png File:Maj Insignia (ASAR).png File:Ltc Insignia (ASAR).png File:Col Insignia (ASAR).png File:BG Insignia (ASAR).png File:MG Insignia (ASAR).png File:LG Insignia (ASAR).png File:Gen Insignia (ASAR).png File:GA Insignia (ASAR).png
Title First Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General General General of the Army


*Note: Installations marked as exclusively part of "Army INSCOM" (Army Installation Command) are general purpose bases awaiting a more specific purpose. They usually house a number of units and smaller detachments from several other commands.

Name Part of
Defense Building Army HIGHCOM (Headquarters)
Army MAJCOM (Headquarters)
Army CRIMICOM (Headquarters)
Fort Hunter Liggett Army TRAINCOM
Fort Irwin & the National Training Center Army TRAINCOM (Headquarters)
Fort Huachuca Army INTCOM (Headquarters)
Army CYCOM (Headquarters)
Fort Chaffee Army TRAINCOM
Fort Carson Unified SOCOM
Fort Logan National Cemetery Army INSCOM
Fort Leavenworth Army TRAINCOM
Unified CORRCOM (Headquarters)
Fort Riley Army INSCOM
Fort Sill Army TRAINCOM
Fort Bliss Unified STRATCOM
Fort Hood Unified SOCOM (Headquarters)
Fort Sam Houston Unified MEDCOM (Headquarters)
Army INSCOM (Headquarters)
Fort Meade National Cemetery Army INSCOM
Fort Leonard Wood Army ENGICOM
Camp Lockett Army INSCOM
Camp Young Army INSCOM
Camp Santa Anita Army INSCOM
Camp Seeley Army INSCOM
Camp Kohler Army TRAINCOM
Camp Haan Army TRAINCOM
Camp Bullis Army TRAINCOM
Camp Williston Army ENGICORE (Headquarters)
Parks Reserve Forces Training Area Army TRAINCOM
Yuma Proving Ground Army TRAINCOM
Dugway Proving Ground Army TRAINCOM
Sierra Army Depot Army MEDCOM
Hawthorne Army Depot Army INSCOM
Tracy Army Depot Army INSCOM
Sharpe Army Depot Army INSCOM
Corpus Christi Army Depot Army INSCOM
Red River Army Depot Army INSCOM
Sioux Army Depot Army INSCOM
Tooele Army Depot Army INSCOM
Pueblo Chemical Depot Army INSCOM
McAlester Army Ammunition Plant Army INSCOM
Iowa Army Ammunition Plant Army INSCOM
Longhorn Army Ammunition Plant Army INSCOM
Sierra Nevada Nuclear and Hydrogen Plant Army INSCOM
Pine Bluff Arsenal Army INSCOM
Presidio of Monterey Army TRAINCOM
White Sands Missile Range Army TRAINCOM
Idaho Launch Complex Army INSCOM
Los Alamitos Army Airfield Army INSCOM
Keflavik Joint Base (Baltic Union) Army INSCOM
Varna Joint Base (New Germanic Empire) Army INSCOM
Mountain Warfare Training Center Army TRAINCOM
Marine Corps Air Station Yuma Army INSCOM
Marine Detachment Aviation Training Support Group 22, Naval Air Station Corpus Christi Army TRAINCOM
Marine Corps Detachment, NAS Goodfellow Army INSCOM
Marine Corps Reserve Detachment, Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base Fort Worth Army INSCOM
Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms Army INSCOM
Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton Army INSCOM
Marine Corps Logistics Base Barstow Army INSCOM
Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego Army INSCOM
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Army INSCOM
Marine Corps Detachment, Naval Air Station Lemoore Army INSCOM
Marine Corps Detachment, Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake Army INSCOM
Marine Corps Detachment, Defense Language Institute Army TRAINCOM
Wainwright Army Base Army INSCOM
Shilo Army Base Army INSCOM
Suffield Army Base Army TRAINCOM
Edmonton Army Airbase Army INSCOM
Joint Base Whitehorse Army INSCOM
Joint Base Yellowknife Army INSCOM


This list is a brief overview, there are hundreds of vehicles, weapons, and aircraft in the A.S. Army.


The standard rifle used by the Allied States Army is the M4 Carbine, however, it is being replaced by the new GI LAR (GeneTas Industries Light Assault Rifle). Since late 2010, the Army incorporated the CK Elite-10 as their standard pistol, which is made by the Clark-Kentz Corporation. Other riflemen are equipped with the SAW (M249 Machine Gun), which is used for suppressive support. The SAW is also lighter than the average machine gun. All soldiers except medics come equipped with 2-4 Fragmentation Grenades, and at least one Smoke Grenade. These are most commonly the M67 and L83A1.

Ground Vehicles[]

Air Vehicles[]


Main Article: Cloning (Allied States)

The army is the first branch in the Allied States Military which is taking part in Project Unlimited Beings, which is being done by the government and associates like the Clark-Kentz Corporation. The army volunteered their 100 best soldiers to the cloning project, and doubled them at first. Clone numbers have now been up to 3,000,000. The clones are educated and trained from an early age, with minor growth acceleration.

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