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Alo! Pro Hour (アロ!プロアワー, Aro Puro Awā) is a weekly Surean TV show featuring members of Aloha! Project, and sometimes other Star! Project members on TV Konggei.

List of featuring programmes[]

Aloha! Project Product segment[]

  • Alo! Pro News (News about Aloha! Project members)
  • Turbulence! CM (Advertisement about Aloha! Project's products)
  • Daimond Sales (Introduction about Aloha! Project's latest products)

Alo! Pro Theater[]

  • "Story of the Noisy Girls"
  • "Koen-tsuchi San-bun"
  • "Lets Go on a Date ♥"
  • "Back to School"

Other programmes[]

  • Message for My Princess (Fan's section)
  • Alo! Pro Class (Learning of school curriculum)
    • Alo! Pro Class Special (Members were surprised when the crew members made them complete on various school activities such as end-of-year exam, sports festival, story telling competition, etc.)
  • Alo! Pro Kingdom (Fans and celebrity challenge game show)
  • Here They Come (Aloha! Project members visit to various location in Surea)